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A Bag for Knitting

There is no denying that I like knitting, it’s an extremely relaxing pastime and can help soothe the mind. But I found that my knitting was always everywhere and it was kind of a mess. That’s when I saw a knitters tote and decided I had to make one for myself.

These totes are really cool, they hang off of the forearm and allow easy access to knitting supplies as well as side pockets for any knitting accessories! The tote is fairly simple only compromising on a few components;

  1. The fabric for the outside of the bag
  2. The fabric for the inside of the bag
  3. An accent fabric (for the outside pockets)

The inside and the outside fabric will be cut using the same pattern. The one I used was effectively a square with sloping lines to create a strip in the center on one of the sides. I did this project with 4 pieces (2 for the outside and 2 for the inside) but I would recommend only cutting 2 and having the strap be on a continuous piece with the square on either end.

The accent fabric will be used for the outside pocket, this can really be any size. It is good to determine at the beginning if you want your pockets to be open or have covers (I chose covers but without any fasteners, they really are more for show). When cutting the fabric, cut it twice as wide as the pocket desired.

Once all the fabric is cut, the first step will be sewing the outside pocket. Fold the pocket along the width so the right sides are facing each other. Sew this edge, making the pocket half the width (this should be the desired width of the pocket. Turn the fabric inside out and then fold in one of the edges. This is going to be the top edge. Once the fold is put into place, sew the top shut. This will make one pocket, repeat these steps to make a second.

Place the accent fabric along the outside the bag, be careful when placing it.  Sew the side of the pocket onto the outside fabric, but leave the bottom open. Do this for each pocket desired. If the pocket is going to be covered, the flap would be added now. This is made in the same way as the pocket, except both edges will be sewn shut. One edge will be sewn to the outside fabric

The next step will be sewing the inside fabric to the outside fabric. Make sure to place the good sides facing each other. The entirety is going to be sewn except for one small section on the sides of the bottom of the bag. Once sewn together, pull the whole thing inside out to see the almost finished product.

The last step is to sew the sides and bottom together. While sewing this, hide the small open section by folding in the fabric. And once sewn, fill the bag with knitting and needles for an easy way to carry projects!

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