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Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

The Cats now rule the forest and there is nothing you can do. Or is there? Will the overthrown Eyrie Dynasty reclaim control of the forest or will the Woodland Alliance rally the people and take control?

Root is a war game with asymmetric factions vying for control of the forest. Currently, there are eight unique factions: the Marquise de Cats, the Eyrie Dynasty, the Woodland Alliance, the Vagabond, the Riverfolk Company, the Lizard Cult, the Underground Duchy, and the Corvid Conspiracy. Each faction has its own special mechanics and focus.

The Marquise de Cats is a route building faction that transfers wood throughout its network to build buildings. These buildings can then be used to recruit cats, craft cards, and generate wood.

The Eyrie Dynasty is a program-based faction where cards are placed into the decree and then the decree is executed. However, the council must be careful because if the decree cannot be executed, the system is thrown into turmoil – removing the cards from the decree and causing a new leader to rise through the ranks.

The Woodland Alliance is an insurgent faction that spreads sympathy throughout the forest to bolsters it’s action economy. Sympathetic clearings can lead to revolt – overthrowing other players within the clearing and setting up a base of operations for their night actions.

The Vagabond is a lone wanderer throughout the forest. He has no army just a list of quests and the items in his sack. The Vagabond quests through the forest, exploring the ruins for rewards or giving aid to other players in exchange for items.

The Riverfolk Company is a faction of merchants who sell: safe passage through the water, the cards out of their hand, or mercenaries. Other players can pay for these services with their warrior pieces – feeding the Riverfolk’s action economy. The Riverfolk can adjust their prices ever turn so it’s always good to barter for a bargain!

The Lizard Cult are the best. Oops, I mean the Lizard Cult is a faction of cultist who hope to convert the rest of the forest to join their cause. Sacrificing their own people to create acolytes, the Lizard cult can convert and sanctify other players pieces and buildings. But they have to be careful, because actions can only be taken in the hated suit.

The Underground Duchy is an invading faction from below. The council of the duchy is not to keen on taking over the forest. As the Duchy sways more Ministers of the council to their cause, their action economy is increased to become an unstoppable force. Losing building, however, can dissuade the ministers who will then return underground.

The Corvid Conspiracy is a shifty faction hiding their plots and waiting for the right moment to strike. The Corvids place plot tokens face down in clearings and reveal placed tokens to enact their schemes. Other players have an opportunity to guess what these hidden tokens are– removing them is they guess correctly or paying the Corvids for the wrong answer. 

The following is a playthrough of a Root game using the Plus One Draft Method explained below. This playthrough includes The Marquise de Cat, the Riverfolk Company, the Underground Duchy, and the Lizard Cult.

The plus one draft method places out factions equal to the player count and then adds one. No matter what assortment of factions, the chosen factions will always have a combined score that meets reach (each faction has been given an individual score, reach is determined to be the lowest amount that score can be per game as per the published Leder Games rules). The rules for the draft are below. This draft is automated on Tabletop Simulator and on for in person games.

Root: a game of Woodland Might and Right is a game from Leder Games that came out in 2018. Find out more information here.

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