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The station is falling! The normally operating space station is now plummeting toward the earth and there is only so much time left. Will you accomplish your goals before stationfall or will the other players get in your way and prevent you from accomplishing those tasks?

Stationfall is a hidden identity game with asymmetric characters. Throughout the game, players will suborn characters and take actions with those who they’ve suborned. The characters will move throughout the ship gathering space suits, weapons, biosamples, or data. Or perhaps, they are picking up the unique items such as the artifact or the loot. Players can also reveal their character to gain a conspiracy action – but be careful! Now all the other players know the goals you need to achieve.

Character goals range from gaining items (the astrochimp loves to collect shiny things), to downing characters (the test subject hates those in chain of command), to destroying the ship (the engineer doesn’t want the station to fall to earth, so why not destroy it early?). Some characters care about surviving while others do not.

Below are playthroughs of Stationfall.

Disclaimer: The Table Top Simulator Mod is not the final version of the game. The game is still changing and being molded into the final version.

Stationfall is a game from Ion Games and is expected to be released in 2021. Find out more information here.

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