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December Bullet Journal

The winter wonderland has arrived! December is one of my favorite times of year, there is a majesty to the weather and a cheer in the air. Overnight the world outside my home became covered in a blanket of snow. The rain from before the snow created a layer of ice that caused the snow to stick to everything – the trees, the roads, and even the windows. It’s the perfect weather to snuggle under a blanket and enjoy and warm cup of hot chocolate.

And, it’s also time for a new month in my bullet journal! I use bullet journals to keep track of my life. I’ve been told that I am a put together person, but the secret is I write everything down before I forget about it. And that’s why using a bullet journal has been a lifesaver for me.

I like to start every month with section for monthly goals, a calendar, a habit tracker and a mood tracker. Setting monthly goals are important to make sure I have a focus and something to work towards. Some goals I have for December 2020 are play four new board games, write 1,000 words a week and try to work out at least 3 times a week (on Ring Fit Adventure).  The calendar keeps track of important events, birthdays, holidays, classes, and deadlines. And the blank areas around it is great for fun monthly doodles.

The habit tracker keeps a count of some goals I set for myself ever month. The habit tracker doesn’t change much from month to month. After a few months, it’s great to see how many times a month I built up these habits (watching some go from barely happening to happening every day). The mood tracker is fun page to express the theme of the month. While I was a bit tamer on the calendar page, the snow flurried onto the mood tracker. 😊

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