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Root Winter Tournament: Round 2

The winter tournament has arrived! We have thirty two participants and eight games per round! All the of the round two games can be found below. Enjoy!! 🙂

Game One: Marquise De Cat, Riverfolk Company, Corvid Conspiracy, Woodland Alliance

Game Two: Corvid Conspiracy, Riverfolk Company, Underground Duchy, Marquise de Cat

Game Three: Lizard Cult, Marquise de Cat, Eyrie Dynasties, Woodland Alliance

Game Four: Underground Duchy, Riverfolk Company, Vagabond, Eyrie Dynasties

Game Five: Underground Duchy, Vagabond, Corvid Conspiracy, Eyrie Dynasties

Game Six: Marquise de Cat, Corvid Conspiracy, Vagabond, Lizard Cult

Game Seven: Underground Duchy, Eyrie Dynasty, Corvid Conspiracy, Vagabond

Game Eight: Maquise De Cat, Eyrie Dynasty, Woodland Alliance, Vagabond

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