Glitter Candle Holders

Epoxy candle holders are a great way to showcase the flame while projecting the glitter across the room!

Total Project Time: 48 hours

Glitter is my arch nemesis. It gets everywhere, stays on everything, and nothing will ever make it go away. So, what do I do? I decide to use it in a project! One of the great things about the epoxy/glitter combination is that the glitter is completely encased in the epoxy. No extra mess once the project is done! I love the combination of a clear epoxy and glitter because the shine is really brought to the forefront and adds that flicker of sparkle underneath the candlelight.

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Just like with most epoxy projects, all you need is epoxy, a mold, and whatever it is that you want to encase. I ended up using:

  • Lotus Candle Holder Resin Mold
  • Deep Pour Epoxy
  • Glitter (Whatever colors you want!)
  • A small brush



Prepping the Mold

Before Pouring in the epoxy, I prepped the mold with all the glitter I wanted! It was a generous amount. I would say I used about 1 tablespoons per color if I had to quantify it. But the great part of these glitter candles is you can control the amount of each color you want. Sort of. After I poured the glitter into the mold, I used a small paintbrush to move the glitter around the inside of the mold to attempt spread out the colors in the way I want


Adding Epoxy

Once the mold is prepped, it’s time to pour the epoxy! My epoxy mixture was 1 part A to 1 part B. I like to do this by weight as I find this gives me the best results. I highly recommend following the directions on whatever epoxy you get epoxy is fickle and really works best when the directions are followed very closely.

Then the project just needs to set! Demolding the candle holder is very satisfying as it pulls away from the silicone. Some candles might need a little edge polishing, especially where the epoxy wasn’t contained by mold. And voila! It’s perfect!

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I love working with epoxy. It feels like magic. One moment, you have a liquid and the next, you have a solid that is in a shape that you built. It is the beauty of chemistry. The glitter does present a bit of a problem as it is difficult to control within the mold. But I think that adds to the charm of the project. There is some control, and the rest falls into place out of your hands. Sometimes it doesn’t work but other times, it’s absolutely stunning.


Glitter and Epoxy

One of the biggest surprises that came from this project is that glitter doesn’t float. Well, sort of. A single piece of glitter alone will float in epoxy. I find glitter rarely comes in a single piece. Usually there is an army of pieces. And that army doesn’t like to be separated. When the glitter is clumped together, it doesn’t float. You have to separate the clumps before pouring the epoxy if you want to get it scattered throughout the container. I would also recommend using less glitter to accomplish this effect.

Quick Recipe

Glitter Epoxy Candles


  • 1 Candle Mold Silicone
  • 1 Cup Deep Pour Epoxy
  • 3 Tbsp Glitter whatever color mix
  • 1 small brush


  • Pour glitter into desire mold
  • Using a small brush, push glitter around the mold to create the desired effect
  • Prepare epoxy as directed
  • Pour epoxy into mold. Allow to cure.
  • Demold

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