About Me

Howdy! I am a Project Engineer by day and spend most of my non-working hours making, crafting, and playing board games. I am definitely the type of person to make impulsive decisions and not mull over the consequence of choices in games. I also will blindly buy games knowing very little about them with just some random amount of confidence.

Make Craft Game and I

I have always enjoyed sharing myself in the online space. Make Craft Game came from the things I enjoy most in life. I find myself with either a hand in the oven, yarn scattered over my legs, or my mind on a board game.

Cooking (Make) and Crafting have always been apart of my life as it is one of the best ways to express myself. I found that some of my happiest times are when I’m using my hands and moving with my feelings.

Board games have always been a part of my life as my eldest brother was invested in MTG from the time I was born. My teenage years was full of MTG, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, and Arkham Horror. It wasn’t until later I found the wide wide world of Board games and I’m still exploring.

Game Reviews

For some of the written game reviews, I am trying give each game a rating. Below is my approach to game ratings, these are similar to those found on BGG.

Overall rating scale 1-10:

  • 10: Perfection. I will always play this game when given the chance. I might even go out of my way to play this one. It will definitely be a staple in my collection for years to come
  • 9: Amazing. I will always enjoy playing this game and will probably choose this over many other games
  • 8: Great. I enjoy this game and will be happy to choose to play it again.
  • 7: Very Good. I will usually chose to play this game again.
  • 6: Good. Would play again and but may choose other similar games first.
  • 5: Average. I could play again but I wouldn’t actively seek it out. Is more in the background of the collection.
  • 4: Not so Hot. Something about this game did not click for me but I could easy see why others might be into it.
  • 3: Bad. I did not like this game and I would not play it again. This game will not be kept in the collection.
  • 2: Oh dear. There are stand-out issues with the game and I feel they have a huge impact on playability. I would not recommend.
  • 1. Abysmal. So bad it defies description (just as BGG says)

Let Me Know What You Want See

Want to see something on the site? Let me know! I would love to see what people are interested in.