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Dragon Eggs

When walking around Scotland, we stopped in an occult shop to look around. I’ve always been attracted to these types of shops that are a fun mix of mystery, horror, and fantasy. My brother picked up a dragon egg and said, “I wonder how they make these”. And my mind was off to the races. How does one make a dragon egg? How difficult would that be? After my brain got stuck in this train of thought for several days, I finally gave in and decided to try my hand at it. At this point, I was confident I knew how to do it and I just needed to get the basic materials before I could make my very own dragon egg.

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Cardboard Box Revamp

Originally, I had a different post scheduled for this week. But as I was putting together the staging for the final photo, I realized, I don’t like the container one bit. Now sure, I could have found a different container that was suitable. I’m sure there are plenty all over the house. But that’s not my style. Instead, I looked at the cardboard box and decided that it could look prettier. So, this week, I’m decorating a cardboard box to make it into a beautiful piece that can work as organization or in a staged photo.

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Plastic Bag Dispenser

I already know that I’m a low-key hoarder. But who doesn’t hoard plastic shopping bags? They’re nice to have around to use as small trash bags or sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to reuse the plastic bag. But having a lot of shopping bags means a potential chaotic and uncontrolled pile. That’s exactly what I had in my pantry, and it drove me a little insane. So, I decided to clean up the bags and the best solution I could produce was to mimic a tissue box but instead of using tissues, I used plastic bags! I love this method because I could easily fit twenty plastic bags in a box (thirty if I were trying really hard) and they are easy to pull out whenever I need to use them!

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Dreamcatcher Keychain

I have always been fascinated by dreamcatchers ever since I was a young girl. Their designs and the weave of the threads that made them look elegant and beautiful. While they didn’t always keep the nightmares away, I remember fully believing that superstition to help get rid of the bad dreams. And some did go away. So, the dreamcatcher brings good dreams!

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Sea Glass Charm

Living close to the lake, I often found sea glass when roaming the sandy beaches of Ohio. I guess it really should be called Lake glass since it came from Lake Erie! Sea glass is the result of broken glass getting tumbled by the water and round the edges of the glass. While I adore sea glass, I very much dislike the number of broken bottles that go into the lake to get it. I find sea glass a treasure, but you are not recycling by throwing your bottles into the lake!! So effectively, I have a collection of beautiful trash and I am going to celebrate it even more! This time, I decided to make charms out of the sea glass by wrapping it in metal. This holds the sea glass in place and gives a loop to hang the sea glass. I like to use it as a charm on my keychain or as a necklace pendant but I’m sure there is plenty more you can do!

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Morse Code Jewelry

You know, I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t made any jewelry yet that I’ve posted about on this site. Working with beads is a lot of fun and there is a surprising number of ways to customize a piece and make it truly unique. I like having messages in my pieces that don’t necessarily use letters. Or maybe, they just use a different type of letter: morse code!! Morse code seems like such a cool way to convey a message, especially in jewelry, where different colors can represent the either the dot or dash.

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Painting Fondant

When I was researching painting fondant, I did not find much information on the process. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places but I figured it couldn't hurt to have one more place to find out how to paint fondant with items around the house. There are commercially made paints that can be purchased but I wanted to use the food gel that I already had. Luckily I was able to figure it out!

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Drying Flowers

The more I get into epoxy, the more I want materials that I can cast inside the resin to add that bit of pop to the projects. And dried flowers are a great material. There are two main methods that I explored when it came to drying flowers: air drying and pressing. Both provides their own challenges and unique look. And the types of flowers they can affect are different, I will break down each section by processing type so let’s get into it!

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Bauble Wreath

The space over our mantle place felt quite lonely since we moved into the new house. And with the Christmas season upon us, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a new project: a bauble wreath!! Once the idea popped into my head, I could not get it out. But I didn't know how to go about making a bauble wreath so the research began.