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Dragon Eggs

When walking around Scotland, we stopped in an occult shop to look around. I’ve always been attracted to these types of shops that are a fun mix of mystery, horror, and fantasy. My brother picked up a dragon egg and said, “I wonder how they make these”. And my mind was off to the races. How does one make a dragon egg? How difficult would that be? After my brain got stuck in this train of thought for several days, I finally gave in and decided to try my hand at it. At this point, I was confident I knew how to do it and I just needed to get the basic materials before I could make my very own dragon egg.

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Painting Fondant

When I was researching painting fondant, I did not find much information on the process. Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places but I figured it couldn't hurt to have one more place to find out how to paint fondant with items around the house. There are commercially made paints that can be purchased but I wanted to use the food gel that I already had. Luckily I was able to figure it out!

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Epoxy Cutting Board

Living next to the Great Lakes has allowed water to enchant me from a young age. The waves splitting against the shore making a ripple of bubbles and color under the clear sky. The image is just too perfect. So, what better way to honor it than with an artistic interpretation? I have seen pictures of epoxy cutting board floating around the internet and I thought it would be a good idea to try my hand at one.

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Dirty Pour Painting

I love painting, but it is not something that I am great at. I find myself struggling for hours in front of a canvas trying to figure out what I want to paint. And then trying to figure out the best way to paint it. When I found out about the dirty pour painting technique, I was completely enamored by it because it felt like something I could do easily. And it meshed well with my less patient side. While I know I have done a post a few years ago about some of the paintings I did (oh man... I want to stop time) but I wanted to circle back and go into more depth about the method.