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Food Chain Magnate

There is no denying that I am totally in love with games from Splotter Spellen and Food Chain Magnate is high on that list. And in fact we have been playing Splotter games every Sunday for the past few weeks and now seemed like a good time to put together a post with some of our recent playthroughs. In all of the games, we use the new milestones from the Ketchup expansion. I won't deny that the expansion adds many new layers of depth to the game. Our playthroughs also include modular expansions like noodles, kimchi, and coffee. Continue Reading β†’

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Root Winter Tournament: Finals

We have made it to the semi-finals and the finals! Congrats to everyone who made it this far and thank you everyone who participated. There were commentators for each of the final games. A special thanks to Cole Werhle and Patrick Leder for commentating on the final game! Thanks for watching! Continue Reading β†’

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The station is falling! The normally operating space station is now plummeting toward the earth and there is only so much time left. Will you accomplish your goals before stationfall or will the other players get in your way and prevent you from accomplishing those tasks? Stationfall is a hidden identity game with asymmetric characters. Throughout the game, players will suborn characters and take actions with those who they’ve suborned. The characters will move throughout the ship gathering space suits, weapons, biosamples, or data. Or perhaps, they are picking up the unique items such as the artifact or the loot. Players can also reveal their character to gain a conspiracy action – but be careful! Now all the other players know the goals you need to achieve. Continue Reading β†’

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Oath: Chronicles of Empires and Exiles

The sun rises on the empire and the chancellor oversees the land. Can the Chancellor keep control of the empire or will the exiles wrestle control? Will the empire stand or will a new empire rise from the ashes?

Oath is a multi-player game with shifting player goals and overarching goals. The Chancellor can choose one of four different main goals to qualify for Oathkeeper. This consist of either ruling the most locations, gaining the peoples favor, keeping the darkest secret, or collection the most artifacts. Exiles can either overtake the Chancellor by achieving these goals or completing their own visions. A nervous (or cunning) Chancellor can offer citizenship to the Exiles giving them an opportunity to win through the succession goal.

Continue Reading β†’

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Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

The Cats now rule the forest and there is nothing you can do. Or is there? Will the overthrown Eyrie Dynasty reclaim control of the forest or will the Woodland Alliance rally the people and take control? Root is a war game with asymmetric factions vying for control of the forest. Currently, there are eight unique factions: the Marquise de Cats, the Eyrie Dynasty, the Woodland Alliance, the Vagabond, the Riverfolk Company, the Lizard Cult, the Underground Duchy, and the Corvid Conspiracy. Each faction has its own special mechanics and focus. Continue Reading β†’

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Sol: Last Days of a Star

The Sun is dying. And you are stuck in its' orbit. Can you harness the energy from the sun to gain enough momentum to escape? And will you go father than the other alien races? Sol is an excellent strategy game that plays with area movement and network building. As your mothership orbits the dying sun, your sundivers will be released from your ship to build structures and move and mine deeper into the sun. The deeper you go, the better the rewards but the chance of the sun imploding is also increased with each solar flare. And there is only 13 flares until the end. Continue Reading β†’