Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8, Meals

Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 8 Signature: Bedfordshire Clanger

I feel like Week 8 of season 8 had one of the weirdest themes I have ever seen in Bake Off: It was the forgotten bakes week. These are bakes that were made in the past and tended to stay there. I would think for good reason but we’re going to revive them once again! The signature bake for this week is a Bedfordshire clanger. I didn’t have a recipe to go off from the show (probably because they didn’t expect anyone to do something like this) so I created what seemed to be the best recipe for me based on what research I did. A Bedfordshire clanger isn’t difficult to make but has some interest twist to make it a truly unique dish.

Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8, Meals

Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 7 Technical: Pizza Margherita

The technical for Italian week is something I hold near and dear to my heart: pizza! Who doesn’t enjoy a good pizza? Now this is somewhat of a staple in my house, so I have made (and helped make) pizza many a time. But I have never made a dough that only needed to rest for 45 minutes. Nor a sauce that was cooked! So, I was very excited to see how this one would turn out. I did base this recipe on the original provided by Prue.

Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8, Meals

Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 6 Showstopper: Family Sized Hand-Raised Pie

The Showstopping challenge of week 6 has arrived, and it is a family sized hand-raised pie! This little pie started out so small and over years and years it grew. Just kidding. A hand raised pie is one that is wrapped around the outside of a cake tin. It is able to stand due to the structure of the pastry with no outside help! I decided to base my recipe this week off Kate’s Bombay Potato Curry Pie. I can’t help it, when I go savory, I tend to go Indian. Indian cuisine provides so many great options for vegetarian flavors! This potato curry pie is also topped with a delicious spicy and sweet mango salsa! The post below focuses mainly on the pastry, it is pastry week after all.

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Potato Curry

This potato curry was inspired by Kate’s recipe from her Bombay Potato pie as a part of my Showstopper Challenge from Season eight of the Great British Bake Off. This curry is packed with flavor and spices with potato acting as the protein and tomatoes creating the base of the curry sauce. While there a bit of frying required for making this recipe, I really enjoyed learning some cooking techniques I hadn’t used before. Especially using some new ingredients that I’m used to eating but not so use to cooking with.

Extras, Meals

Ground Be’f Filling

Pie and Tacos often used a ground beef mixture at their filling or case. But, as someone who cannot eat meat, I don’t like how this works. So, I decided I would take the recipe into my own hands and make it vegetarian friendly. Now that I think about it, I pretty sure that this recipe is Vegan friendly as well. This is one of my new favorite dishes, it’s fully of flavor and creates a moist and tender meant base which is absolutely irresistible.


Microwave Lasagna

Week four without a kitchen. There is no end in sight. I am seeing sweets everywhere, but I cannot have them. The torture will continue until morale improves. And what better way to improve morale than with a microwave? Yea, I know the beginning was a little much but not having a kitchen is starting to drain my soul! I was tired of using the Insta-Pot so I switched over to the microwave to make even faster meals! This week, I decided to make a microwave lasagna with a twist! Zucchini instead of noodles! This seemed like a great idea and who can say no to meal that only take 5 minutes to cook??


Vegetable Rice

We have entered week three without a kitchen. The future looks bleak. I am running out of recipes I can make without access to my kitchen and space. All hope now lies with the Insta-Pot and Rice. The Insta-Pot is great for cooking rice, but plain rice feels kind of boring, so I wanted to zhuzh it up! I decided to throw some vegetables and spices into the rice to make it more a meal than just a side dish.


Insta-Pot Vegetarian Chili

I don’t have a kitchen!! Over the past several weeks, my kitchen has been undergoing some renovations which means I had not stove or oven. Due to this, I had to put my Great British Bake Off Challenge on hold but it didn’t completely stop me from cooking. And one of my favorite tools for cooking without a kitchen is the Insta-Pot. There are many things that can be made in an Insta-Pot but I went with a simple classic: Chili. This is a great recipe for making a full meal for a group of people in a fast and easy way.


Skillet Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so why not make it rich and hearty?? I’ve always loved potatoes, so a breakfast hash seems to fit right in on my table. And an all in one meal makes life a lot easier – especially when it’s cooked in one pan! And the best part? You can add any toppings you want to a breakfast hash to truly make it your own and make it absolutely delicious for whatever type of breakfast you desire. Continue Reading →


Mashed Beets

My love for beets continues on strong as I look for new and fun recipes to cook. And I thought, since beets are a root vegetable like potatoes, why not make a mashed beet? Beets provide such a rich and delicious flavor but tend to be denser than potatoes leading to a course texture for the final dish. But the mash has melt in the mouth like qualities and is absolutely delightful with its rich flavor and buttery goodness. Continue Reading →


Homemade Fish Sticks

I am always excited to try my hand out cooking new fishes and trying new dishes. When I saw Mahi-Mahi at my local grocery store, I immediately thought about using it to make fish sticks. It wasn’t a recipe that was normally within my wheelhouse but after doing some searches on the internet, I was able to cobble together my own recipe! I’m starting to suspect that all of my food has a slight Indian flavor to it. Absolutely no idea why. Nope. None at all. Continue Reading →

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Fluffy Pancakes

There is a strange divide between people who like pancakes and people who like waffles. And then there are people like me. Floating in the middle because the taste feels so different even if the batter seems close to the same. One of the biggest perks from Pancakes is that they don’t require any special kitchen tools to make, all you need is a pan, a bowl and a whisk! And whipping up fluffy pancakes is only a few steps away. Continue Reading →