Great British Bake-Off Challenge: Season 8

I decided to bake my way through Season 8 of the Great British Bake Off! Check out each week below!

Week One: Cakes

Week Two: Biscuits

Week Three: Bread

Week Four: Caramel

Week Five: Pudding

Week Six: Pastry

Week Seven: Italian

Week Eight: Forgotten Bakes

Signature Challenge: Bedfordshire Clangers

Technical Challenge: Cumberland Rum Nicky

Showstopper Challenge: Victorian Savoy Cakes

Week Nine: Patisserie

Signature Challenge: Choux Buns

Technical Challenge: Les Misérables Slices

Showstopper Challenge: Meringue Canterpiece

Week Ten: Finale

Signature Challenge: Small Loaves

Technical Challenge: Ginger Biscuits

Showstopper Challenge: Large Entremet