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Knitting Yarn Organization

I know that I have an organization obsession but what’s the point of having things if you’re never able to find them? Well, I recently lost my mind because I was frustrated about not being able to find the yarns I wanted. I normal keep my yarns wound in balls or cakes. Winding yarn into a ball is great for when you’re immediately using it, but the loose ends can get caught and they easily unravel. I don’t find it great for storage of larger balls of yarn. And that’s why I wanted to come up with a better method for storing yarn. I wanted to share my methods of organizing. One because I think it looks great. Two because I spent a lot of time on it and I’m strangely proud of myself.

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Eight Showstopper: Savoy Cake

I’ve made it to the showstopper challenge for week eight! This forgotten bake showstopper is a savoy cake! I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on this bake. While I put every effort into the cake, I didn’t really put as much effort into the decorations as I probably should have. This is a showstopper after all! And it’s week eight no less! That’s not time to slack…

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 5 Technical: Molten Chocolate Pudding

The Week 5 Technical is something I was very excited about: Molten Chocolate Pudding!! Who doesn’t like chocolate? Especially that gooey center! That sounds absolutely irresistible! This was quite a challenge, and I definitely underestimated the difficulty of this challenge. My baking instinct betrayed be for this pudding (cake). But that’s what a technical challenge is all about so let’s get to it!


Microwave Mug Cake

Week five without a kitchen and I am beginning to lose my mind. My sweet tooth is going absolutely crazy, so I thought it was time to try out a microwave mug cake. It seemed like the perfect treat to make to satisfy my craving for sweets. And it’s quick and easy to make, although you do need some utensils for measuring. But this cake is full of chocolatey goodness, and it hits the spot for anyone craving cake but who doesn’t want to make a whole cake.

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake-Off Challenge – Week Four Showstopper: Caramel Cake

We’ve made it to the Showstopper challenge of caramel week: A caramel cake! In the Great British Baking Show episode, the winner for this week is Kate. I believe a large part of this decision is due to her caramel toffee apple cake. Even Prue wanted the recipe! So, I also stole the recipe for Kates caramel apple cake and decided to run with it. This seemed like a great way to start 2022!


Homemade Fondant

rarely use fondant because it always seemed like a daunting tool. I heard so many people on baking shows complain about using this tool so I hesitated to add it into my baking repertoire. But Baking my way through Bake-Off made me confront my fear of fondant. And I am so glad I did. Fondant is such an amazing tool for decorating a cake. It holds it's shape well and is a great surface for painting. While it can be bought from the store, making it from scratch is quite satisfying.