Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Showstopper: Meringue Sculpture (Take 1)

I am going to something a little different for the showstopper this week. I am going to do this challenge twice! Why? Because the first one became a massive mess… The recipe for this showstopper is still good, just avoid making some of the mistake that I did… For this showstopper challenge, I tried to recreate Kate’s showstopping rainbow meringue from the show! I was flying blind on this one because the recipe offered online is a simplified version of the showstopper. But I’m not about to simplify anything! I wanted to make the most complicated thing possible apparently. So, I went for the full rainbow.

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Technical: Les Miserable (Take 2)

Okay, so I’m doing something a little different this week… I decided to stay on the technical for week nine because I wasn’t completely happy with how the cakes turned out from last week. Like they still are good, don’t get me wrong, but I thought I could do better. And the perfectionist inside of me would not be held back. Now that I had some idea of how the cake was supposed to turn out, I put my own spin on it to make it easier. Jaconde is a difficult cake to pull off so I’m going to cheat a little because I prefer that my cakes are consistent. I also used raspberry instead of cherry this time because it was closer to the original recipe. And, let me tell you, this cake turned out so good. I might even convert to liking the pistachio flavor.

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Lemon and Cinnamon Custard

I needed a custard to fill my Pastéis de Nata for the Week Six Technical Challenge. While I could easily use a custard that I have made before, I wanted to have a custard that was more traditional to the tart. Or, at least, more faithful to what Paul Hollywood did in the original recipe. And that lead me to making a custard that is unfused with lemon zest and cinnamon

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Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 5 Showstopper: An Ornamental Trifle Terrine

I made it to the end of the Pudding Week! And this challenge was a doozy. The showstopper challenge was to make an ornamental trifle terrine. I was inspired by the trifle terrine made by Sophie on the show. Hers was a yuzu and raspberry trifle terrine. I didn’t have access to yuzu so I decided to go with something more accessible: a lemon and raspberry trifle terrine. This dessert was absolutely delicious. It did not last more than a day in the house because I wanted to eat all of it. But it also was an extremely complicated dish made up of six layers with five different recipes going on.


Toffee Apples

Toffee apples are great to use for decoration, as an addition to filling, or as a sweet treat! They are also super simple to make as the main (and really only) step of the process is making the caramel! This recipe was used for my Great British Bake Off Challenge Week Four Showstopper. I used toffee apples on the top of my caramel cake as well as in between each layer of cake to give an enhance apple flavor as well as a little bit of texture. I love this recipe because it’s simple and didn’t take a lot of work to complete!

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Four Signature: Millionaires Shortbread

eek four is going to be best week, it’s caramel week!!! The signature challenge for this week is millionaire shortbread which is a British treat consisting of a shortbread biscuit base with caramel and chocolate. I decided to copy Sophie's Millionaire Jaffa Shortbread because I think I would adore a Jaffa cake. Orange is one of my favorite flavors so a caramel, orange, chocolate treat sounds absolutely delightful. 

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week One Technical

The next challenge is the Week One Technical: Mini Peppermint Rolls. The Judges asked for mini swiss rolls made from chocolate cake and filled with a Peppermint Buttercream Frosting. Each roll is finished with mix of dark and milk chocolate and a white chocolate decoration. After trying this challenge, all I have to say is that Prue is evil. This is a difficult technical challenge and one I did not think I would ever complete! After trying the original recipe available on the Bake-Off Site and failing miserably with it. I went off on my own to find one that could work for me. I’m not sure if the difference in ingredients between Britain and America had anything to do with why I kept failing at this (I don’t really think it did) but the original recipe definitely requires skill. Since I do not have that skill, I made a simpler version that cheats in places…