Reupholstering Furniture

Having a cat is one of my greatest joys in life. She is cuddly and cute and has very sharp claws. And, of course, she wants to sharpen those claws to be even sharper. From watching her, leather like fabrics seem to be her favorite thing to scratch. Unfortunately, I had a few pieces of furniture that match that description. The latest victim was my piano bench. Her love for this item was much more than I anticipated. I didn’t expect to see fluff coming out of the edges of the bench but here we are. The piano bench is still functional even though it doesn’t look the best. So, I decided why not try my hand and reupholstering it and give it a new lease on life.

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Knitting Yarn Organization

I know that I have an organization obsession but what’s the point of having things if you’re never able to find them? Well, I recently lost my mind because I was frustrated about not being able to find the yarns I wanted. I normal keep my yarns wound in balls or cakes. Winding yarn into a ball is great for when you’re immediately using it, but the loose ends can get caught and they easily unravel. I don’t find it great for storage of larger balls of yarn. And that’s why I wanted to come up with a better method for storing yarn. I wanted to share my methods of organizing. One because I think it looks great. Two because I spent a lot of time on it and I’m strangely proud of myself.

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Dreamcatcher Keychain

I have always been fascinated by dreamcatchers ever since I was a young girl. Their designs and the weave of the threads that made them look elegant and beautiful. While they didn’t always keep the nightmares away, I remember fully believing that superstition to help get rid of the bad dreams. And some did go away. So, the dreamcatcher brings good dreams!

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Knitted Stars

It’s been a while since I knitted in the round so I decided to challenge myself my making knitted stars! I love the way the stars look and their versatility. They look beautiful when hung alone and stunning when hung in a group. Or you could just have the live among your pillows. Or you could make a very large one that can fit any need you want! The pattern for my knitted stars is available in the MCG store!

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Intro to Bookbinding

I have always been fascinated by the art of bookbinding. I have always taken notice of how the pages are bound together and how each cover of the book compliments the book itself. This seemed like an intimating process. I felt that way because I have a great love of notebooks. (I might have too many notebooks.) But there is not better way for a process to become unintimidating than by diving in and getting out on the other end!

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Knitted Stuffed Animal Hammock

I have a lot of stuffed animals littered around the house. They are squishy and I love them. Some have homes but I have quite a few recently acquired ones that have nowhere to go. And I figured, why not make a new home for them? I have seen stuffed animal hammocks around the internet, and I thought this was the perfect solution! But instead of buying something pre-made, why not make it myself? It seemed easy enough! 

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Lizard Cult Meeple Plush

I decided, after very little thought, that I don’t have enough Lizard Cult related stuff. I mean, I’ve made a shirt and a giant wooden meeple but that doesn’t feel like nearly enough. So, what if I made another giant meeple? But this time, let’s make it soft and fluffy!! A meeple pillow / plushie? That sounds like complete perfection! This was a simple project except for the lizard face. I am lucky enough to have an embroidering sewing machine, but you can always do normal embroidery as well. That would just cause the project to take a little longer.

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Sea Glass Charm

Living close to the lake, I often found sea glass when roaming the sandy beaches of Ohio. I guess it really should be called Lake glass since it came from Lake Erie! Sea glass is the result of broken glass getting tumbled by the water and round the edges of the glass. While I adore sea glass, I very much dislike the number of broken bottles that go into the lake to get it. I find sea glass a treasure, but you are not recycling by throwing your bottles into the lake!! So effectively, I have a collection of beautiful trash and I am going to celebrate it even more! This time, I decided to make charms out of the sea glass by wrapping it in metal. This holds the sea glass in place and gives a loop to hang the sea glass. I like to use it as a charm on my keychain or as a necklace pendant but I’m sure there is plenty more you can do!

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Sewing Needle Guide

Recently, I went to purchase some sewing needles for my sewing machine. I quickly became confused with all of the options in front of me. What were all these numbers? What did they mean? Which one should I choose? I had a lot of questions and very few questions. So I decided to the most reasonable thing I could think of. Go in depth! I wanted answers and this post is the result of what I found out.

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Morse Code Jewelry

You know, I’m honestly surprised that I haven’t made any jewelry yet that I’ve posted about on this site. Working with beads is a lot of fun and there is a surprising number of ways to customize a piece and make it truly unique. I like having messages in my pieces that don’t necessarily use letters. Or maybe, they just use a different type of letter: morse code!! Morse code seems like such a cool way to convey a message, especially in jewelry, where different colors can represent the either the dot or dash.

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Diamond Knitting Scarf

I know it’s late in the season for scarves, but it is never too early to start one for the next season, and this one does take a little time! I wanted to do a block pattern, circular scarf. But I also wanted the blocks to have some unity, so I decided to knit a diamond pattern into each of the large blocks.

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Sewn Flat Pouch

Sometimes when I’m packing, I discover I have a handful of objects that I want to take that don’t really fit well anywhere. I could put them in my backpack loose, but they will get scatter and become hard to find. This is especially true of knitting needles and charging cables. I didn’t really want to throw 8 different needles into the void of my backpack, so I decided to quickly stitch up a pouch to help me carry my tools. This was super easy to make and looks nice. I want to make more to help organize my bags in the future. It’s better than having my backpack turn into a black hole.