Craft, Woodworking

Blue Whale Replica Sign

For a while, I have wanted to recreate the wall sign of the blue whale from the Dark Shadows television show. And making it as a gift made the whole process extra special! After it was put on the wish list, I looked around and was surprised that I couldn’t find a single place that sold the Blue Whale sign. And if I can’t buy something, I make it! This project was bigger than I anticipated but it turned out beautifully.

Craft, Epoxy, Paint

Epoxy Cutting Board

Living next to the Great Lakes has allowed water to enchant me from a young age. The waves splitting against the shore making a ripple of bubbles and color under the clear sky. The image is just too perfect. So, what better way to honor it than with an artistic interpretation? I have seen pictures of epoxy cutting board floating around the internet and I thought it would be a good idea to try my hand at one.