Deep Dives

The Vagabond Quest Deck

Over the course of the tournament, I have taken an interest in the vagabond quest deck. Every quest requires two items from the potential available eight. And I was really curious to see what that make up was like. Especially in relationship to the suits of the decks. This is important since you need to be in a matching clearing to complete the quest. My question turned into: which clearing has the easiest quests to complete? Also, which vagabonds are best for completing quests? The answers... probably won't surprised you.

Deep Dives, Game

Root – A Deck Comparison

I recently got a request to do a comparison between the two decks from Root: A game of Woodland Might and Right by Leder Games. The Standard Deck comes with the base game while the Exiles and Partisan deck is available as an expansion for the game. Since each deck is balanced in their own way, there are some big similarities between the decks but there was also some surprising differences. And there were somethings that I learned even though I'm pretty sure I inherently knew them, but I never did the math before. So, without further ado, let’s drive in! Continue Reading →