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Knitted D20

I love dice. Every board gamer I know has a collection of dice ranging in type, size, and style. I feel like half of the dice that I’ve collected aren’t even useful… What do you mean I rolled a sheep??!?! I wanted a 6!! For many gamers, the D20 is an iconic symbol as its used throughout the gamer and RPG hobby; from magic the gathering spin-downs to the classic D20 of Dungeons and Dragons. And this got me thinking, what if I made a really big one? Knitting is my comfort zone so a knitted D20 sounded like the perfect project.

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D20 Wood Burnt Art

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love DnD. It’s a fantasy world where you can become anyone and have adventures that exist only in one’s mind. And I’m not the only person in my family with the love for the game. So, I decided to make a piece of wood burnt art in the classic DnD writing style with one of my favorite says “There are 20 sides to every story”. It takes many hands to make a story and there is no such this as objective truth. Also, D20’s are a staple in DnD.

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Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep takes place in the city of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, a core location in the Dungeons and Dragons core World. This game takes you into the city where you and other lords vie for control of the city through completing quests and expanding the city. But resources are tight, and treasure is limited, so taking advantages of your opportunities is a must! Continue Reading →