Reupholstering Furniture

Having a cat is one of my greatest joys in life. She is cuddly and cute and has very sharp claws. And, of course, she wants to sharpen those claws to be even sharper. From watching her, leather like fabrics seem to be her favorite thing to scratch. Unfortunately, I had a few pieces of furniture that match that description. The latest victim was my piano bench. Her love for this item was much more than I anticipated. I didn’t expect to see fluff coming out of the edges of the bench but here we are. The piano bench is still functional even though it doesn’t look the best. So, I decided why not try my hand and reupholstering it and give it a new lease on life.

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Zippered Pouch

I often have to travel for work, but I don’t ever want work to keep me from the board games I enjoy playing nightly. That’s why I travel with two laptops: one for work and one for running tabletop simulator. But double laptops can often mean double trouble as I have to carry around two chargers and make sure I have all the right supplies for each system. And one trip, I didn’t. I forgot the charger for one of my laptops and I was devastated thinking I wouldn’t be able to play board games all week. So, in my stubbornness, I went out and bought a new laptop charger. Now, you might be thinking (and rightfully so) what they heck does this have to do with a zippered pouch? The new charger I got had removeable heads and no case to keep all of the parts together. Therefore, I decided I should make my own to keep everything in one place. Where I won’t lose it. A zippered pouch is the perfect solution for keeping everything in together and it looks super cute!

Craft, Fabric

Pocket Handwarmers

After sewing some bigger projects, I often have a lot of scrap fabric let over that feels too small to do anything with. And then it hit me. Why not make handwarmers? I am someone who always complains that it's cold and will sleep with two or three blankets at night. And, unfortunately, my hands are no exception. Whenever I am typing or using my hands, I often feel that the circulation in my fingers becomes nearly non-existent. I have watched my fingers turn purple! So, why not combine my fabric scraps to make something that will help keep my hands warm?

Craft, Fabric

Ironing Board Cover

I will admit, I have been in a sewing mood lately. There are so many fun projects to explore and discover and I wanted to dive deeper into that world. But I noticed something interesting happening to some of the fabrics when ironed. I would see the pattern of the iron grate getting imprinted onto the fabric. After doing a little research, I decided that a cover for the ironing board would help with this problem. One of the great things about this project is the large surface are which is great if you have a design you want to display.

Craft, Fabric

Large Knitting Needle Holder

After putting together, a case for all of the double pointed knitting needles (see here) I decided to make a holder for my larger knitting needles and my circular needles. I will admit, when I first thought of this holder, I did not conceive the color pattern all together properly. I am going to talk it through as if I did though, so the pictures won’t match perfectly. That being said, even with the pattern being a little bit busy, it turned out fairly well!

Craft, Fabric

Fabric Basket

Organization is a key factor in my life. Without it, I don’t really know how I would be able to function the way that I do. So when I got a flux of silicon molds for some other projects, one of my first thoughts was – where am I going to put all of this? I normally store my supplies in a Kallax shelf from Ikea that we shoved in the closet. The cubes are perfect for sorting out the materials in a clean way. But the number of molds I bought didn’t really justify buying a basket that would take up the full cube, so I decided to sew one!

Craft, Fabric

Knitting Needle Holder – Small

I was rifling through my knitting needles to find the pair I needed and with one small, unintended movement - the needle scattered all over the floor. And that's when I thought, there has to be a better solution. This project is going to be split into two parts: a small holder which focuses on storage for double pointed knitting needles and a large knitting needle for my pairs and circular needles. Today, we're looking at the small holder.

Craft, Fabric

Contoured Handmade Mask

Whether I like it or not, we are still in the age of Covid-19. Masks aren't going anywhere and I figured I may as well share how I make my masks. In the early days of the pandemic, we bought a couple of cloth masks and figured that would probably be enough. Both my partner and I are homebodies so we don't ever really need to go outside except to get groceries. But as time passed, and I had to start traveling for my job, the masks began to fade and the elastic became thin and worn. So I decided I would make my own masks and this time, I wanted something that would fit more snugly around my face. When I fly, I wear an N95 mask to help keep myself and those around me as safe as possible. (Trust me when I say, if I didn't have to fly - I wouldn't). These masks have a metal brace around the nose to help them fit to any face. So I decided to reuse this metal piece in my masks.