2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper

[EXTRA] August Bullet Journal

I'm back! Sort of! Hopefully! July ended up being an absolutely crazy month for me with a lot of surprises. And, honestly, some scary situations. I have never been in a surgery room as a patient before - and it made me nervous. So in that vain, I decided to model August after the stars and the dreams so often attached to them. The stars feel so beautiful especially in the summer although the humid heat of Cleveland can make outside a bit uncomfortable.

2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper

[EXTRA] July Bullet Journal

I know that July is often associated with fireworks due to the countless displays that appear all over the United States. But I like to think that July is truly about Freedom. And nothing makes me feel like I'm free than being able to see the sky and the clouds. Sometimes I wish I could be weightless and experience the movement of the wind.

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Drying Flowers

The more I get into epoxy, the more I want materials that I can cast inside the resin to add that bit of pop to the projects. And dried flowers are a great material. There are two main methods that I explored when it came to drying flowers: air drying and pressing. Both provides their own challenges and unique look. And the types of flowers they can affect are different, I will break down each section by processing type so let’s get into it!

2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper

[EXTRA] June Bullet Journal

It's Pride Month! So what better way to celebrate then by making my journal completely covered in Rainbows? This is a time where we honor 1969 Stonewall uprising in Manhattan, as well as recognize the impact that LGBTQ individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally! I love using the rainbow and I decided to a watercolor effect to make it a vibrant and fun journal.

2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper

[EXTRA] May Bullet Journal

It's time for the May Showers! And it really has been a blooming may already as the entire front yard is full of dandelions. It's a radiant yellow. I forgot how I'm not a fan of the eighty degree swings we get here in Ohio. Never a dull moment with the weather. I swear, we experience 4 seasons over the course of 4 days. But that's enough kvetching about the weather. Let's instead look at the lovely flowers that inspired this months bullet journal.