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Great British Bake-Off Challenge – Week Four Showstopper: Caramel Cake

f this decision is due to her caramel toffee apple cake. Even Prue wanted the recipe! So, I also stole the recipe for Kates caramel apple cake and decided to run with it. This seemed like a great way to start 2022! Continue Reading →

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Toffee Apples

Toffee apples are great to use for decoration, as an addition to filling, or as a sweet treat! They are also super simple to make as the main (and really only) step of the process is making the caramel! This recipe was used for my Great British Bake Off Challenge Week Four Showstopper. I used toffee apples on the top of my caramel cake as well as in between each layer of cake to give an enhance apple flavor as well as a little bit of texture. I love this recipe because it’s simple and didn’t take a lot of work to complete! Continue Reading →

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Caramel Buttercream Frosting

Buttercream is one of the perfect places to infuse flavor when making a cake. Or any dessert that can use buttercream. Caramel buttercream seemed like a no brainer for a caramel inspired dessert. I used a cream based caramel for this recipe because it incorporated into the buttercream better than a tackier caramel would. This recipe took longer to make than an average buttercream recipe solely because the caramel had to chill after being cooked. This recipe is incorporated into my Great British Bake Off Challenge Week Four Showstopper! Continue Reading →

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Four Signature: Millionaires Shortbread

eek four is going to be best week, it’s caramel week!!! The signature challenge for this week is millionaire shortbread which is a British treat consisting of a shortbread biscuit base with caramel and chocolate. I decided to copy Sophie's Millionaire Jaffa Shortbread because I think I would adore a Jaffa cake. Orange is one of my favorite flavors so a caramel, orange, chocolate treat sounds absolutely delightful.  Continue Reading →


Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Three Technical: Cottage Loaf

The technical challenge for bread week is one that I have never seen before: a cottage loaf. After looking at the ingredients, I decided it’s basically a loaf of white bread enriched with butter and shaped in a particular way. I love how a cottage loaf looks like two loaves stacked on top of each other. But even though this is a simple recipe, I found there are a lot of places to go wrong! Let’s get into this delicious technical challenge. Continue Reading →

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Two: Biscuit Board Game

The Showstopper challenge for Biscuit week feels like it was made for me! It’s time to make a biscuit board game! There are so many great board games to choose from. Most contestants chose childhood classics (like shoots and ladders or Monopoly style games) and that disappointed me. Why didn’t anyone go for Twilight Imperium?!? Just kidding… Even I’m not that crazy. I decided to do a simpler game that I think is ever bit as classic: Battle Sheep. I did take inspiration for the recipes from Sophie and the board game she made. Continue Reading →

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week One Technical

he next challenge is the Week One Technical: Mini Peppermint Rolls. The Judges asked for mini swiss rolls made from chocolate cake and filled with a Peppermint Buttercream Frosting. Each roll is finished with mix of dark and milk chocolate and a white chocolate decoration. After trying this challenge, all I have to say is that Prue is evil. This is a difficult technical challenge and one I did not think I would ever complete! After trying the original recipe available on the Bake-Off Site and failing miserably with it. I went off on my own to find one that could work for me. I’m not sure if the difference in ingredients between Britain and America had anything to do with why I kept failing at this (I don’t really think it did) but the original recipe definitely requires skill. Since I do not have that skill, I made a simpler version that cheats in places… Continue Reading →

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Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

When dealing with lemons, why not add more lemons? This lemon cream cheese frosting is a perfect complement to the lemon cake I made as a part of my Great British Bake Off Week One Challenge The frosting turned out rather interesting as the lemon juice mixing with the cream cheese cause a gel like consistency to occur. But, honestly, I like it. This frosting has a great balance of tartness and sourness that perfectly balance the sweet flavors that frosting usually brings. Continue Reading →