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2022 Temperature Shawl

I recently became aware of temperature scarves and blankets where each row is the temperature of a day and the project lasts the entire year. This makes the whole project 365 rows long which makes a great length for a project. Since I live in an area of rapid climate shifts, I thought this would be cool to show in knitting. It’s a fun way to capture how it can be a high of 28°F one day and then watch it increase to a high of 72°F the next. Cleveland is a weird place y’all. But instead of doing a scarf or a blanket, I decided to do a shawl! This seemed like a fun idea because the number of stitches in a row increases and keeps count with the day. Although I’m a little worried about what it will look like at the end of the year! Below is the pattern for the shawl I plan to use so for those knitters out there, join me to make a fun 2022 project! Continue Reading →