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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Eight Showstopper: Savoy Cake

I’ve made it to the showstopper challenge for week eight! This forgotten bake showstopper is a savoy cake! I feel like I kind of dropped the ball on this bake. While I put every effort into the cake, I didn’t really put as much effort into the decorations as I probably should have. This is a showstopper after all! And it’s week eight no less! That’s not time to slack…

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Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 7 Showstopper: Sfogliatelle

It's the end of Italian week and that means it’s time for the Showstopping challenge. I’m not going to lie; this is the challenge I have been most afraid of since I began this journey. Because this week’s challenge is sfogliatelle. It something that my spell check doesn’t recognize! Heck, I’m still not sure I know what it is. Sfogliatelle seems like a crazy amount of work and effort. But I made it here so I can’t stop now. And when have I ever back down from a challenge? (Don’t answer that). My sfogliatelle is inspired by the recipe that Stephen made on the show.

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Lemon and Cinnamon Custard

I needed a custard to fill my Pastéis de Nata for the Week Six Technical Challenge. While I could easily use a custard that I have made before, I wanted to have a custard that was more traditional to the tart. Or, at least, more faithful to what Paul Hollywood did in the original recipe. And that lead me to making a custard that is unfused with lemon zest and cinnamon

Desserts, Extras

Lemon Custard

I had to make Lemon Custard as one of the many layers for the Showstopper challenge of my Great British Bake-Off Challenge: Week 5. The lemon custard was my second layer of the trifle terrine, and it adds a bit needed sour and acid flavor to cut through the sweetness of the dessert. Because this is a part of a free-standing terrine, I added a setting agent to make sure that the layer can stand on its own as well as in the dish. This was one of my favorite layers in the whole dish.


Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

When dealing with lemons, why not add more lemons? This lemon cream cheese frosting is a perfect complement to the lemon cake I made as a part of my Great British Bake Off Week One Challenge The frosting turned out rather interesting as the lemon juice mixing with the cream cheese cause a gel like consistency to occur. But, honestly, I like it. This frosting has a great balance of tartness and sourness that perfectly balance the sweet flavors that frosting usually brings.