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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Oath is an epic game about history and the rise and fall of peoples and empires. This game deal with resource management, card management, area control, and even a bit of negotiation. All in all, this a game with a lot of mechanics and easily falls in the category of a heavy weight game. Oath perfectly fits in the range of games that I enjoy. Not only does it have complexity, but it also introduces the concept of the Chronicle system. The results of every game affect the next game. The winner of each game goes on to be the ruler of the Empire in the next game. The map and world deck also change from game to game making Oath feel like a living board game. Continue Reading →

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Oath: Chronicles of Empires and Exiles

The sun rises on the empire and the chancellor oversees the land. Can the Chancellor keep control of the empire or will the exiles wrestle control? Will the empire stand or will a new empire rise from the ashes?

Oath is a multi-player game with shifting player goals and overarching goals. The Chancellor can choose one of four different main goals to qualify for Oathkeeper. This consist of either ruling the most locations, gaining the peoples favor, keeping the darkest secret, or collection the most artifacts. Exiles can either overtake the Chancellor by achieving these goals or completing their own visions. A nervous (or cunning) Chancellor can offer citizenship to the Exiles giving them an opportunity to win through the succession goal.

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