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Knitting Yarn Organization

I know that I have an organization obsession but what’s the point of having things if you’re never able to find them? Well, I recently lost my mind because I was frustrated about not being able to find the yarns I wanted. I normal keep my yarns wound in balls or cakes. Winding yarn into a ball is great for when you’re immediately using it, but the loose ends can get caught and they easily unravel. I don’t find it great for storage of larger balls of yarn. And that’s why I wanted to come up with a better method for storing yarn. I wanted to share my methods of organizing. One because I think it looks great. Two because I spent a lot of time on it and I’m strangely proud of myself.

Craft, Yarn

Knitted Stuffed Animal Hammock

I have a lot of stuffed animals littered around the house. They are squishy and I love them. Some have homes but I have quite a few recently acquired ones that have nowhere to go. And I figured, why not make a new home for them? I have seen stuffed animal hammocks around the internet, and I thought this was the perfect solution! But instead of buying something pre-made, why not make it myself? It seemed easy enough! 

Craft, Tin Series

Tin Series – Cord Storage

One of the best things about tins is they provide awesome organization without needing to put in a lot of effort! I was cleaning up my office when I came across my cord drawer. Apparently, I have shoved all the cords I use on a semi-regular basis into one drawer and just hoped for the best. Even looking at it makes me cringe! I decided to clean up the area by using a tin solution. Instead of doing a lot of crafting for this project, I did more computer design work and all files are available at the end of the post!

Craft, Tin Series

Tin Series – Jewelry Case

I love small things and tin cases fit well into this category. There are so many possibilities of things that can be done with tin cases. My first endeavor in this series is a jewelry case! I found that I had a lot of loose earrings, and I needed a place to store them. I was also curious if this would be good for rings (it did not have the depth for that though). This project was simple and took very few supplies but it just perfect for what I needed!

Craft, Fabric

Large Knitting Needle Holder

After putting together, a case for all of the double pointed knitting needles (see here) I decided to make a holder for my larger knitting needles and my circular needles. I will admit, when I first thought of this holder, I did not conceive the color pattern all together properly. I am going to talk it through as if I did though, so the pictures won’t match perfectly. That being said, even with the pattern being a little bit busy, it turned out fairly well!

Craft, Fabric

Sewn Pencil Case

A few weeks ago, I made a basket for all of my silicone molds and it looked amazing. And then more arrived and I cursed myself. Especially since the new molds that arrived were very small and easily could be lost. So I decided that making a pencil case type bag would be the best for keeping the molds contained. I normally do not work with zippers when I sew and I have been trying to introduce them more into my work. So this was the perfect challenge as it also filled one of my needs!

Craft, Fabric

Fabric Basket

Organization is a key factor in my life. Without it, I don’t really know how I would be able to function the way that I do. So when I got a flux of silicon molds for some other projects, one of my first thoughts was – where am I going to put all of this? I normally store my supplies in a Kallax shelf from Ikea that we shoved in the closet. The cubes are perfect for sorting out the materials in a clean way. But the number of molds I bought didn’t really justify buying a basket that would take up the full cube, so I decided to sew one!

2021 Bullet Journal, Craft, Paper

New Year, New Journal

One thing I love about the new year is the idea of getting a fresh start and for me that means a new bullet journal! Preparing for the new year always takes some extra steps as I have to reset my calendar, goals and do a new level 10 life spread! This year, I found a galaxy themed journal which I think fits me very well.