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Contoured Handmade Mask

Whether I like it or not, we are still in the age of Covid-19. Masks aren't going anywhere and I figured I may as well share how I make my masks. In the early days of the pandemic, we bought a couple of cloth masks and figured that would probably be enough. Both my partner and I are homebodies so we don't ever really need to go outside except to get groceries. But as time passed, and I had to start traveling for my job, the masks began to fade and the elastic became thin and worn. So I decided I would make my own masks and this time, I wanted something that would fit more snugly around my face. When I fly, I wear an N95 mask to help keep myself and those around me as safe as possible. (Trust me when I say, if I didn't have to fly - I wouldn't). These masks have a metal brace around the nose to help them fit to any face. So I decided to reuse this metal piece in my masks. Continue Reading →