Craft, Epoxy

Multi-Color Epoxy Candle Holder

It’s been a while so let’s do an epoxy project! I was curious what would happen if I mixed a bunch of colored epoxy together when it was still in its liquid form. I have seen many beautiful projects that have layers of different colors but I’m fairly confident this was done by waiting for the epoxy to cure between each layer. I do not have that patience, so I was curious to see what would happen if I missed everything in one pour.

Written Reviews

Red7: A Palette of Colors and Survival

Red7 is a game about constantly winning, or more accurately, being the slowest to lose. This is all about the last person standing and manipulating the game to keep yourself in a winning position. I love how this game has you manipulate the board state, so you are winning at the end of each of your turns. And if you’re not winning, you’re eliminated. Red7 is all about numbers and colors, where that’s the highest number or the strongest color of the rainbow. This game is a lot of fun and keeps you on your toes.