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Vegetable Rice

We have entered week three without a kitchen. The future looks bleak. I am running out of recipes I can make without access to my kitchen and space. All hope now lies with the Insta-Pot and Rice. The Insta-Pot is great for cooking rice, but plain rice feels kind of boring, so I wanted to zhuzh it up! I decided to throw some vegetables and spices into the rice to make it more a meal than just a side dish.

Desserts, Make

Stovetop Rice Pudding

I find myself on the road often, even in a Pandemic, and in order to be safe as possible I try to order online and avoid restaurants whenever I can. One of my favorite types of foods to eat on the road is Mediterranean because it’s generally healthier than many of the other options. And I would be lying if I said the Rice Pudding desert wasn’t alluring. So, against my better instincts, I decided to add it to my order, and I was sent into a blissful food coma. Rice pudding is just so good, being lightly sweeten with that hint of vanilla and the milky goodness absorbed into the rice. I was a little nervous about making it because: having unlimited access is probably a bad thing and I was worried about the process. And fortunately (and unfortunately) it is super easy to make! And I have a feeling I will be trying it out more in the future. Continue Reading →

Make, Meals

Homemade Onigiri

Japanese Rice Balls nestled their way into my heart several years ago during my trip to Japan. As we were exploring Tokyo, it was always easy to satiate my hunger by popping into a convenience store and grabbing an Onigiri or two. And since I've come back to the US, I have missed the flavor and taste. So my hunt began to start making them myself so I could always have one of my favorite foods. While I know there are many possibilities for Onigiri from varying the type of rice to the fillings used, I will focus more on the fillings. But when it comes to Onigiri, the possibilities do feel endless! Continue Reading →