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board. The tiles within the game are made up out of one, two, three, four, and five blocks. Each configuration of block exists creating some interesting shapes. This game may be light on rules, but it has so many possibilities that it can be played in a variety of ways. While I’ve only had this game for a few weeks, I have already played over 10 times and I am ready to play more.  Continue Reading →

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Steam Park

Who doesn’t love pop-out roller coasters built specifically for Robots? And those Robots get so excited they make… dirt? Steam Park is a fun themed game where you can build three-dimensional roller coasters to fill your part as well as other stands and attractions. The core of this game is about resource management as well as using dice to determine your turns. Continue Reading →

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Air, Land, & Sea

Over the course of February, I indulged in 2 players games and I was reminded what an absolute gem Air, Land and Sea truly is. This is a game that plays out over a series of battles to emulate a full war between two factions. As, just as the name suggest, each battle takes place in three different theatres: Air, Land and Sea. Continue Reading →

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Oath: Chronicles of Empires and Exiles

The sun rises on the empire and the chancellor oversees the land. Can the Chancellor keep control of the empire or will the exiles wrestle control? Will the empire stand or will a new empire rise from the ashes?

Oath is a multi-player game with shifting player goals and overarching goals. The Chancellor can choose one of four different main goals to qualify for Oathkeeper. This consist of either ruling the most locations, gaining the peoples favor, keeping the darkest secret, or collection the most artifacts. Exiles can either overtake the Chancellor by achieving these goals or completing their own visions. A nervous (or cunning) Chancellor can offer citizenship to the Exiles giving them an opportunity to win through the succession goal.

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