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Homemade Fondant

rarely use fondant because it always seemed like a daunting tool. I heard so many people on baking shows complain about using this tool so I hesitated to add it into my baking repertoire. But Baking my way through Bake-Off made me confront my fear of fondant. And I am so glad I did. Fondant is such an amazing tool for decorating a cake. It holds it's shape well and is a great surface for painting. While it can be bought from the store, making it from scratch is quite satisfying. Continue Reading →

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Fluffy Pancakes

There is a strange divide between people who like pancakes and people who like waffles. And then there are people like me. Floating in the middle because the taste feels so different even if the batter seems close to the same. One of the biggest perks from Pancakes is that they don’t require any special kitchen tools to make, all you need is a pan, a bowl and a whisk! And whipping up fluffy pancakes is only a few steps away. Continue Reading →

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Homemade Baked Donuts

I have a very weird relationship with donuts. I remember many a road trip where we would pick up a box of donuts just after leaving home. And then I would pretend to be asleep just to avoid eating them. They were always so sweet and full of sugar that it make my teeth hurt. And those were my feelings as a child. Over time, I came to realize that I prefer the baked style of donut over the fried version and that opened me up to more options and flavors. I also found it fun to put my own spin on flavors because donuts really can act like a blank canvas. Continue Reading →