Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Technical: Les Miserable (Take 2)

Okay, so I’m doing something a little different this week… I decided to stay on the technical for week nine because I wasn’t completely happy with how the cakes turned out from last week. Like they still are good, don’t get me wrong, but I thought I could do better. And the perfectionist inside of me would not be held back. Now that I had some idea of how the cake was supposed to turn out, I put my own spin on it to make it easier. Jaconde is a difficult cake to pull off so I’m going to cheat a little because I prefer that my cakes are consistent. I also used raspberry instead of cherry this time because it was closer to the original recipe. And, let me tell you, this cake turned out so good. I might even convert to liking the pistachio flavor.

Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Eight Technical: Cumberland Rum Nicky

The technical Challenge for forgotten bakes week is a Cumberland Rum Nicky. Yea, I have no idea either. Basically, it’s a fruit tart made from dry fruits and rum. I tried my best to stay true to the Paul Hollywood recipe but, I’m not going to lie, this tart doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. I’m not a huge fan of dried fruits, ginger, or rum. And that’s like… seventy five percent of the dish!

Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8, Meals

Great British Bake Off Challenge Week 7 Technical: Pizza Margherita

The technical for Italian week is something I hold near and dear to my heart: pizza! Who doesn’t enjoy a good pizza? Now this is somewhat of a staple in my house, so I have made (and helped make) pizza many a time. But I have never made a dough that only needed to rest for 45 minutes. Nor a sauce that was cooked! So, I was very excited to see how this one would turn out. I did base this recipe on the original provided by Prue.