And the Rest, Craft

Tin Series – Tea Caddy

I am someone who doesn’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste and I don’t need the caffeine. But I do love to have a hot drink in the morning. Sometimes I can’t find the right tea to drink when I’m on the road. I end up carrying around tea with me but I don’t like allowing my tea to be exposed to the air. Exposed tea loses its flavor. Making a Tea “Caddy” out of a tin seemed like the logical solution. Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

Tin Series – Cord Storage

One of the best things about tins is they provide awesome organization without needing to put in a lot of effort! I was cleaning up my office when I came across my cord drawer. Apparently, I have shoved all the cords I use on a semi-regular basis into one drawer and just hoped for the best. Even looking at it makes me cringe! I decided to clean up the area by using a tin solution. Instead of doing a lot of crafting for this project, I did more computer design work and all files are available at the end of the post! Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

Tin Series – Travel Crafting Case

I love exploring the potential for organization and tins really do provide a great starting point. I was recently traveling when I felt a sharp pain after sticking my hand into my bag. As I pulled my hand out, I found my hand profusely bleeding as my fingers had grazed over the crafting scissors that I carry on me. And I thought – there has got to be a better solution for this! So why not make a traveling crafting kit? This way I can bring all the supplies I need while keeping myself safe! Continue Reading →

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Tin Series – Jewelry Case

I love small things and tin cases fit well into this category. There are so many possibilities of things that can be done with tin cases. My first endeavor in this series is a jewelry case! I found that I had a lot of loose earrings, and I needed a place to store them. I was also curious if this would be good for rings (it did not have the depth for that though). This project was simple and took very few supplies but it just perfect for what I needed! Continue Reading →