Desserts, Great British Bake Off Challenge: Season 8

Great British Bake-Off Challenge – Week Four Showstopper: Caramel Cake

We’ve made it to the Showstopper challenge of caramel week: A caramel cake! In the Great British Baking Show episode, the winner for this week is Kate. I believe a large part of this decision is due to her caramel toffee apple cake. Even Prue wanted the recipe! So, I also stole the recipe for Kates caramel apple cake and decided to run with it. This seemed like a great way to start 2022!


Toffee Apples

Toffee apples are great to use for decoration, as an addition to filling, or as a sweet treat! They are also super simple to make as the main (and really only) step of the process is making the caramel! This recipe was used for my Great British Bake Off Challenge Week Four Showstopper. I used toffee apples on the top of my caramel cake as well as in between each layer of cake to give an enhance apple flavor as well as a little bit of texture. I love this recipe because it’s simple and didn’t take a lot of work to complete!