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Welcome to Make Craft Game!!

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Who am I?

Welcome to the site! My name is Lily, and I am the creator behind Make Craft Game. There is a lot going on here in the combination of my three favorite things. Look around and explore! There quite a bit to see if I do say so myself!

What is MCG?

Make – this section is all about making delicious meals and bakes. I try to keep the recipes aligned with my pescatarian diet but sometimes you need gelatin in a dessert.

Craft – this section encapsules my love of crafting. My go to crafts is knitting and sewing but I still dip my toes into the waters of other hobbies. A lot of space in my house is dedicated to crafting tools and materials.

Game – this section covers my love for all things board games (with the occasional video game popping up). There is such a growing community of board gamers and so much to explore!

Popular Articles

Check out some of the popular articles on the site! The Keepers in Iron Guide is a great strategy breakdown of one of the new factions from the Marauders expansion!

The caramel cake is from my GBBO challenge and is one of my favorite recipes. And why not check out the comparison between the standard deck and the Exiles and Partisans expansion from Root?

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The MCG Store is full of fun items from MCG logo merchandise to for sale Crafts and patterns!

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Let Me Know What You Want See

Want to see something on the site? Let me know! I would love to see what people are interested in.