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  • Cut the Pieces of Paper as follows:
    Outside Paper: 16 cm by 32 cm, 12 cm by 6 cm (x2)
    Background Paper: 14 cm by 14 cm
    Design Paper: 14 cm by 14 cm, 14 cm by 6 cm (x2)
  • Fold Outside paper, like a book, with the back being 16cm by 16cm and the front folds being 8cm by 16cm each.
  • Cut hole in the 14 by 14cm Design Paper, Attach the top and bottom to the 14 by 14cm background paper.
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  • Attach 14 by 14 unit in the center of the 16 by 16cm section on the Outside Paper
  • Cut the wings (Outside Paper) into the desired shape, keeping the 12 cm height. Fold uncut edges by one cm.
  • Slip wings into the sides of the main unit. Attach binding material to folds of the wings. Close card.
  • Attach 14 by 6cm design paper to the outside flaps of the card.