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  • Cut out area for zipper in the outside pouch fabric, and near an edge on the inside pocket fabric.
  • Use fabric tape to attach zipper to cut out areas
  • Fold over inside pocket fabric and sew around edges.
  • Sew outside pouch fabric and corresponding inside pouch fabric to the same side of the zipper (zipper inside, fabrics facing right side in). Fold out to reveal right side of fabrics and zipper.
  • Repeat with the other set of outside pouch fabric and inside pouch fabric.
  • Sew the bottom edges of the inside fabrics together.
  • Sew the bottom edges of the outside fabric together.
  • Turn project so the pouch would look inside out as if completed.
  • If using shaped side: pin sides in place, wrap a strip of inside fabric around the edge positioned inward. Sew along outer edge
  • Turn strip of fabric and tuck inward to hide fabric seams.
  • Use fabric tape to attached edging.
  • Flip inside out.