Board Games are a major part of my life and I did not realize the depth and intensity of this hobby! I love to game!

Join me as I dive further in and explore the hidden gems and the obvious ones. You can also find the rating scale I use when writing up reviews!

Check out the highlights below or check out the following categories! Also check out the game videos on the MCG YouTube Channel!

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The Woodland

I love the Root Board Game. Not really much of a surprise…

Check out the Woodland for Root Faction Guides, Crafts, and More!

Video Reviews


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Game Reviews

For some of the written reviews, I am trying give each game a rating. Below is my approach to ratings, these are similar to those found on BGG.

Overall rating scale 1-10:

  • 10: Perfection. I will always play this game when given the chance. I might even go out of my way to play this one. It will definitely be a staple in my collection for years to come
  • 9: Amazing. I will always enjoy playing this game and will probably choose this over many other games
  • 8: Great. I enjoy this game and will be happy to choose to play it again.
  • 7: Very Good. I will usually chose to play this game again.
  • 6: Good. Would play again and but may choose other similar games first.
  • 5: Average. I could play again but I wouldn’t actively seek it out. Is more in the background of the collection.
  • 4: Not so Hot. Something about this game did not click for me but I could easy see why others might be into it.
  • 3: Bad. I did not like this game and I would not play it again. This game will not be kept in the collection.
  • 2: Oh dear. There are stand-out issues with the game and I feel they have a huge impact on playability. I would not recommend.
  • 1. Abysmal. So bad it defies description (just as BGG says)

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