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MakeCraftGame is my slogan for three of my favorite things. Make, for me, is about cooking and discovering new recipes. Craft is all about crafting with whatever materials I can find. Game is about my love of board games and everything that world encompasses!

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Glitter Candle Holders

Glitter is my arch nemesis. It gets everywhere, stays on everything, and nothing will ever make it go away. So, what do I do? I decide to use it in a project! One of the great things about the epoxy/glitter combination is that the glitter is completely encased in the epoxy. No extra mess once the project is done! I love the combination of a clear epoxy and glitter because the shine is really brought to the forefront and adds that flicker of sparkle underneath the candlelight.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Four Technical: Stroopwafels

I’m not going to lie. I was very intimated by the idea of making Stroopwafels as a part of the technical challenge. I have been in love with stroopwafels for many years, ever since my brother brought them home after traveling around Europe. They are a thin waffle, almost cookie like in thinness, but waffle like in their size, that have been cut in half a filled with a delicious, spiced caramel filling. But the only way to get over being intimated by something is to face it head on. And technical challenges are all about facing the unknown.

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Spiced Caramel

Caramel week is my favorite bake-off week because I get to showcase another type of caramel! And this time, we’re working with a spiced caramel that to give even more flavor to this rich and sweet topping. I used this caramel as a filling for the stroopwafel technical challenge.

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December Bullet Journal

What happened? How it is already December?!? Time is flying by this year and it’s been quite a year. I got to experience many first (first surgery, first gaming convention), some sad life moments, some happy life moments and all the steps in between. And I’m happy to end 2021 with my favorite time of year: the winter holidays. December is a month that always brings a smile to my face.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Four Signature: Millionaires Shortbread

eek four is going to be best week, it’s caramel week!!! The signature challenge for this week is millionaire shortbread which is a British treat consisting of a shortbread biscuit base with caramel and chocolate. I decided to copy Sophie’s Millionaire Jaffa Shortbread because I think I would adore a Jaffa cake. Orange is one of my favorite flavors so a caramel, orange, chocolate treat sounds absolutely delightful. 

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Orange Ganache

Chocolate Ganache is classical a mixture of chocolate and cream that can be used as a frosting, a spread, a dip, or a topping! Ganache is very versatile as it can have different textures depending on the ratio of chocolate to cream. To stay true to the Jaffa inspired Millionaire’s shortbread, I wanted to have an orange infused chocolate ganache! This ganache is silky smooth without bringing too much sweetness to the dessert which made it perfect to add to my GBBO Challenge Week Four: Signature!

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Classic Creamy Caramel

I am addicted to caramel. I could eat nothing but caramel for days if my teeth could handle it (but I think they would kill me). There are many different types of caramel ranging from sauces to hard candies. This recipe lands somewhere in the middle. I made a soft caramel that holds its shape to add onto my millionaire’s shortbread from the GBBO Challenge Week Four: Signature!

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2021 Root Winter Tournament – Round One

Welcome to round one of the winter tournament!! This post will be updating after around 10 games, 20 games, and then once more at the end of the round. Check out the 2021 Root Winter Tournament Post for the complete tournament overview! The 2021 Root Winter Tournament uses the AdSet draft so it cannot be directly compared to the previous tournament stats.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Three Showstopper: Naturally-Colored Bread Sculpture

I reached the end of bread week!! I did not think I was going to make it to this showstopper. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it through this showstopper. This week’s challenge is a natural-colored bread sculpture. Two things which I have never done before. I don’t normally sculpt bread and natural coloring is not my forte. I’m a plain bread kind of gal. But I never say to no a challenge, so I made a flower centerpiece of pesto bread (green), turmeric bread (yellow), and beetroot bread (red). Not my finest work but I did complete the challenge! (I would get sent home this week, but I was then informed I am already home).

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Turmeric Bread Roses

As part of the Great British Bake-Off Challenge that I’m doing, I had to make Turmeric bread for the week three bread week showstopper. The turmeric brought a beautiful yellow the naturally colored bread sculpture as well as a deep and earthy flavor. This was one of my favorite breads to work with because it was easy, had great color, and worked well being shaped into a flower!

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Beetroot Bread Flowers

As part of the Great British Bake-Off Challenge that I’m doing, I had to make Beetroot bread for the week three bread week showstopper. This bread was meant to bring a vibrant reddish pink color to the naturally colored bread sculptures. While the bread itself has a delicious earthy flavor and a stunning color, this bread was temperamental. The added moisture from the beet puree is a very big unknown factor and requires by eye adjustments.

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Northern Pacific

Do you like trains? Because I love trains! And, luckily for me, there are tons and tons of games about trains. I have discovered that many people are intimidated by train games (especially those of the 18XX varieties). I feel like one of the big contributors to this intimidation is the sheer number of pieces that these games tend to have. While Northern Pacific does contain several cubes, it couldn’t be simpler. Northern Pacific is a great introduction to route building and the fun of bidding on something that may not be a safe investment!

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Knitted Meeple

Looking around the internet, I couldn’t find any patterns for knitted meeples that I really liked. So, the next logical step, was to make my own! This patterned turned out to be much more complex than I had anticipated, and I made some extra work for myself by trying to avoid sewing but I’ll get into that later. I absolutely love the result and it’s such a great accent piece and mini pillow! I can’t wait to accidentally leave it somewhere and find my cat trying to fit perfectly on top of it. The estimated time for this project is probably not accurate because I knitted this over several days.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Three Technical: Cottage Loaf

The technical challenge for bread week is one that I have never seen before: a cottage loaf. After looking at the ingredients, I decided it’s basically a loaf of white bread enriched with butter and shaped in a particular way. I love how a cottage loaf looks like two loaves stacked on top of each other. But even though this is a simple recipe, I found there are a lot of places to go wrong! Let’s get into this delicious technical challenge.

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2021 Root Winter Tournament

The Root Winter Tournament is upon us! The Root Winter Tournament is being streamed live on Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel. They will also be available on Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel about a week after each game is streamed. And since I am obsessive, I will be keep track of stats and other information! Stats will be updated in the middle and end of each round and will be updated as the tournament goes! To everyone completing, good luck and have fun!

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