Make Craft Game represents three of my favorite things.

Make is about cooking and discovering new recipes.

Craft is all about crafting with whatever materials I can find.

Game is about my love of board games and everything that world encompasses!

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MCG Spotlights

I love the Root Board Game. Not really much of a surprise…

Check out the Woodland for Root Faction Guides, Crafts, and More!

Reading Rulebooks is a podcast dedicated to exploring the depths of board game rulebooks!

New episode every 2 weeks!

I baked my way through Season 8 of the Great British Bake Off!

This is one heck of a challenge! 10 Weeks! 30 Bakes!

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Dominion is a pure, static market, deck building game that has you build your kingdom to become the best in the land. Continue Reading →

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Frosthaven Unboxing

I got Frosthaven! And while I don’t know much about the game, I wanted to do an unboxing to see what’s in the box! Check it out! Continue Reading →

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Root Winter Tournament 2023 – Twitch Gamble

I had a request to examine the gamble in twitch chat and so I wanted to do a short article about it! With round one of the 2023 Root Winter Tournament wrapping up, I wanted to look at one other stat. How good is twitch chat a bettering on the winner? So, let’s talk about…

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