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MakeCraftGame represents three of my favorite things. Make, for me, is about cooking and discovering new recipes. Craft is all about crafting with whatever materials I can find. Game is about my love of board games and everything that world encompasses!

MCG Spotlights

I couldn’t help myself and wanted to give the Lizard Cult a spotlight! Check out the Lizard Cult Guide!

In light of the SCOTUS decision on 6/24, I wanted to share my story and feelings about what has happened.

I am baking my way through Season 8 of the Great British Bake Off! This is one heck of a challenge!

Want to learn a new faction from the upcoming Marauders Expansion? Check out the Keepers in Iron guide by Luke Bridwell!

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Showstopper: Meringue Sculpture (Take 2)

It’s been a second! I didn’t expect to take a long break but covid knocked me out for longer than I anticipated. The last time I posted, it was the meringue sculpture, and I was not thrilled with the way it turned out. Sure, I could have tried it again and cooked the meringue at the right thickness. Or, what if I try a totally different approach for the fun of it?

So, this is my recipe for a meringue sculpture. I decided to make the sculpture into a shape between a flower and an exploding firework. I thought it would be beautiful and a pretty approach. I still wanted to keep the rainbow effect, so I made up five different flavors of meringue. Most of the coloring here came from the ingredients as well! Although I did have to use a few drops of dye here and there.

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Reading Rulebooks Episode Eleven – Scythe

This week we are going to cover the rules for Scythe. Scythe is a game designed by Jamey Stegmaier and is illustrated by Jakub Rozalski. The game is published by Stonemaier Games. Expansions include Scythe: Encounters (2018), Scythe: Rise of Fenris (2018), Scythe: The Wind Gambit (2017), and Scythe: Invaders from Afar (2016).

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August Bullet Journal: Espeon Edition

What happened? Where did the time go? I cannot believe it is already August. I kind of don’t want to believe it… Why does time always fly by when I’m not looking? But am I still stoked about this month’s Eevee; Espeon! Espeon is one of the classic Eevees from generation two. I love this girls’ lack of mane and twin tails. The red jewel in the forehead is both cool and ominous.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Showstopper: Meringue Sculpture (Take 1)

I am going to something a little different for the showstopper this week. I am going to do this challenge twice! Why? Because the first one became a massive mess… The recipe for this showstopper is still good, just avoid making some of the mistake that I did…

For this showstopper challenge, I tried to recreate Kate’s showstopping rainbow meringue from the show! I was flying blind on this one because the recipe offered online is a simplified version of the showstopper. But I’m not about to simplify anything! I wanted to make the most complicated thing possible apparently. So, I went for the full rainbow.

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