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MakeCraftGame represents three of my favorite things. Make, for me, is about cooking and discovering new recipes. Craft is all about crafting with whatever materials I can find. Game is about my love of board games and everything that world encompasses!

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In light of the SCOTUS decision on 6/24, I wanted to share my story and feelings about what has happened.

Want to learn a new faction from the upcoming Marauders Expansion? Check out the Keepers in Iron guide by Luke Bridwell!

I am baking my way through Season 8 of the Great British Bake Off! This is one heck of a challenge!

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July Bullet Journal: Puffeon Edition

I cannot believe it’s July! It’s already halfway through the year and that is freaking crazy to me. I wish that time didn’t go so quickly. It’s going too quickly. I really don’t like it. But you know what I do like?? Puffeon! Who wouldn’t want a Eevee made of clouds? I believe this would a Flying Type Pokémon. I love how fluffy the mane is! I mean, it’s a cloud! Puffeon turned out a bit more… blue than I anticipated but they’re still very cute. I would definitely snuggle this Eevee in a heartbeat.

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Great British Bake Off Challenge – Week Nine Signature: Choux Buns

Its time for week nine! And that means it’s time for patisserie!! The signature challenge this week was 24 choux buns. I was nervous coming into the signature this week because I had never made choux dough before. And I had never made any type of choux bun! I was doing a choux bun with a craquelin top.

In the show, they did two flavors of choux buns (12 of each), but I tried to keep it a little simpler for this because I didn’t want to go crazy quite yet. I’m saving up that energy for the showstopper! I just did one flavor: orange. This was inspired by Kate’s recipe from the show!

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My Life. My Choice.

I did not want to do this. I never wanted to use my own platform for this. But I feel the need to because apparently the United States is on fire, and I really don’t understand why. Why did we decided to light it on fire ourselves? What was the point of any of this?

If this happened a year ago, I might not be alive. And that scares me. I needed to take some time to unpack this and a place to vent my anger so, against my own wishes, let me talk about the disastrous decisions that was just made by the Supreme Court.

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Reading Rulebooks Episode Eight – Bullet ♡

This week we are going to cover the rules for Bullet ♡. Bullet ♡ is a game designed by Joshua Van Laningham and is illustrated by Collateral Damage Studios, Sebastian Koziner, Usanekorin, and Davy Wagnarok. The game is published by Level 99 Games.

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