The Woodland

green leaf trees on forest

Welcome to the Woodland!

The Woodland is your hub for all things Root on the MCG website!

Check out the below to get faction guides, tournament stats, and Root inspired crafts!

Root: Faction Guides

These guide delve into the details on each faction and provide possibilities in how to approach the factions. Of course there are always more ways to play but I think these guides are extremely helpful when you’re getting started with a faction or want to get into the particulars.

Breakdowns and Statistics

I wouldn’t be me without doing some statistical breakdowns of a board game. Check out the article below where I’ve gone through the decks of the game and the rate of faction scoring!

The Faction to Rule Them All

I like to see which faction rules the woodland after the tournament. The current reigning faction The Woodland Alliance! This faction has a win rate of 35%

The Woodland Crafts

Check out these fun crafts feature the denizens of the forest!


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