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2023 Root Winter Tournament – Round Three

We have made through Round 3 of the 2023 Root Winter Tournament!! Only 5 more games to go (the semi-finals and finals!) The games are getting real now since we are down the final 16 players! It’s a much different vibe than from Round 2! Make sure to check out the 2023 Root Winter Tournament Post for more details on the overall tournament! This post contains the statistics for round three only.

Check out Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel to watch the games in real-time (the schedule is below) or check out the Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel where the games will be posted about a week after they air.

This post does contain spoilers to the winners of the round three games!! Read at your own risk!

Game Set-Up

I was honestly surprised to see that every faction was played in round three. The Eyrie Dynasty was the most popular faction followed by the Woodland Alliance and Riverfolk Company. I can’t say that I’m surprised. But I want to say that.

There were nine games in round three and only five factions that went unchosen. We lost some love for the Corvid Conspiracy. Which makes sense when people are playing hard to win and corvids are not the most notorious for winning.

Since it’s the Winter Tournament, the winter map is still dominating the competition as the most chosen map. Although Summer (Autumn), Lake, and Mountain are tied for second.

The Eyrie Dynasty showed up in seven of the nine drafts which is kind of crazy, They were definitely the favorite of the draft. Marquise de Cat followed being the favorite by being in 6 of the nine drafts (although they didn’t always get picked).

There were a lot of factions that showed up an average number of time buts there was very little love the for the lizard cult and the lord of the hundreds! I was excited to see that the Underground duchy only showed up four times.

Game Outcomes

While we have nine games so we could have seen nine factions win, the Underground Duchy was able to win the most games (even though they were only in four games!)

The Riverfolk company also did surprisingly well in round three!

The winning seat for round three has become a little more even than what we saw in round 2. However, we did not see a win from the fifth seat even though we had a ton of five player games in round 3.

Seat four did see the highest win rate out of round 3 which is not really surprising for what is typically seen from more entangled games.

Why is the underground duchy so strong?!? A 75% rate is too much. I know they were only in four games but winning three out of the four is still too much! I was surprised to see that the Eyrie Dynasty and the Woodland Alliance came out of round 3 with a 0% win rate.

All of the win rates are real since every single faction was played at some point in round three.

The win rates are Underground Duchy (75%), Corvid Conspiracy (50%), Riverfolk Company (40%), Lord of the Hundreds (33%), Marquise de Cat (25%), Vagabond (25%), Eyrie Dynasty (0%0, Woodland Alliance (0%), Lizard Cult (0%), Vagabond 2 (0%), Keepers in Iron (0%)

More Graphs


We did see quite a few different vagabonds in round 3, we got six out of the nine vagabonds! Well six showed up in the draft but only four were chosen to be played. The harrier was the most popular vagabond, unsurprisingly.

Factions Vs Seat Vs Map

I still love seeing if there are any trends between the chosen faction and the seat, the chosen faction and the map, and the unchosen faction and the map. It’s a little early to see if there are any trends this tournament but keep checking in for changes!

Round by Round

Round One Winners

Congrats to all our round one winners!

  • JAMman
  • Douglas
  • Evelyn
  • RootManuvas
  • Glandor Hooverstein
  • JC
  • Gregoola
  • Boo Human
  • switch

Here’s a Bracket of the game so far!

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