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D20 Wood Burnt Art

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love DnD. It’s a fantasy world where you can become anyone and have adventures that exist only in one’s mind. And I’m not the only person in my family with the love for the game. So, I decided to make a piece of wood burnt art in the classic DnD writing style with one of my favorite says “There are 20 sides to every story”. It takes many hands to make a story and there is no such this as objective truth. Also, D20’s are a staple in DnD. Continue Reading →

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2022 Temperature Shawl

I recently became aware of temperature scarves and blankets where each row is the temperature of a day and the project lasts the entire year. This makes the whole project 365 rows long which makes a great length for a project. Since I live in an area of rapid climate shifts, I thought this would be cool to show in knitting. It’s a fun way to capture how it can be a high of 28°F one day and then watch it increase to a high of 72°F the next. Cleveland is a weird place y’all. But instead of doing a scarf or a blanket, I decided to do a shawl! This seemed like a fun idea because the number of stitches in a row increases and keeps count with the day. Although I’m a little worried about what it will look like at the end of the year! Below is the pattern for the shawl I plan to use so for those knitters out there, join me to make a fun 2022 project! Continue Reading →

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2022 Bullet Journal

It's Twenty Twenty-Two y'all!! The new year is always exciting for me because it means putting together a new journal! As usual, the front pages of my journal are full of classic staples: my favorite quote, the key and colors I plan on using, 2022 at a glance, Yearly goals, and level 10 life! This year, I also have a page dedicated to wedding planning since that is looming on the horizon!😱 Continue Reading →

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Glitter Candle Holders

Glitter is my arch nemesis. It gets everywhere, stays on everything, and nothing will ever make it go away. So, what do I do? I decide to use it in a project! One of the great things about the epoxy/glitter combination is that the glitter is completely encased in the epoxy. No extra mess once the project is done! I love the combination of a clear epoxy and glitter because the shine is really brought to the forefront and adds that flicker of sparkle underneath the candlelight. Continue Reading →

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December Bullet Journal

What happened? How it is already December?!? Time is flying by this year and it’s been quite a year. I got to experience many first (first surgery, first gaming convention), some sad life moments, some happy life moments and all the steps in between. And I’m happy to end 2021 with my favorite time of year: the winter holidays. December is a month that always brings a smile to my face. Continue Reading →

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Knitted Meeple

Looking around the internet, I couldn’t find any patterns for knitted meeples that I really liked. So, the next logical step, was to make my own! This patterned turned out to be much more complex than I had anticipated, and I made some extra work for myself by trying to avoid sewing but I’ll get into that later. I absolutely love the result and it’s such a great accent piece and mini pillow! I can’t wait to accidentally leave it somewhere and find my cat trying to fit perfectly on top of it. The estimated time for this project is probably not accurate because I knitted this over several days. Continue Reading →

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Tin Series – Tea Caddy

I am someone who doesn’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste and I don’t need the caffeine. But I do love to have a hot drink in the morning. Sometimes I can’t find the right tea to drink when I’m on the road. I end up carrying around tea with me but I don’t like allowing my tea to be exposed to the air. Exposed tea loses its flavor. Making a Tea “Caddy” out of a tin seemed like the logical solution. Continue Reading →

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[Extra] November Bullet Journal

How is it already November? How?? This year is flying by and I feel like I've barely done anything. I feel like I'm still stuck inside. But maybe I want to be...the outside world is too bright. And it's also filled with leaves. One of the downsides to being surrounded by trees is that the yard ends up full of leaves that need to taken care of. Since I was already surrounded by leaves, I figured, why not surround myself even more? Continue Reading →


Mini Yarn Skein Charm

I have the heart of a knitter. Knitting has been a part of my life since I was in middle school, and I got in trouble for crafting during class throughout high school and sometime even in college. I wanted to make some sort of charm for knitters! It’s unlimited in color and stack size. These charms work well as pendants or as keychains. Don’t feel like making your own? You can order these on my Etsy and customize the colors! Continue Reading →

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Zippered Pouch

I often have to travel for work, but I don’t ever want work to keep me from the board games I enjoy playing nightly. That’s why I travel with two laptops: one for work and one for running tabletop simulator. But double laptops can often mean double trouble as I have to carry around two chargers and make sure I have all the right supplies for each system. And one trip, I didn’t. I forgot the charger for one of my laptops and I was devastated thinking I wouldn’t be able to play board games all week. So, in my stubbornness, I went out and bought a new laptop charger. Now, you might be thinking (and rightfully so) what they heck does this have to do with a zippered pouch? The new charger I got had removeable heads and no case to keep all of the parts together. Therefore, I decided I should make my own to keep everything in one place. Where I won’t lose it. A zippered pouch is the perfect solution for keeping everything in together and it looks super cute! Continue Reading →

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Sea glass and Epoxy

Living near the great lake means I have a large container of sea glass. My pockets always end up being full after every trip I take to the beach. But I didn't want to just keep them sitting in a bowl in the corner of a room, collecting dust. So I decided to see what type of art I could make by encasing the glass in epoxy! I wanted to make a nautical piece since sea glass naturally reminds me of the water. Continue Reading →

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[Extra] October Bullet Journal

October is one of my favorite months of the year. I'm not considered weird for wearing sweaters. The air becomes a little crisp in just the right way. And I'm allowed to celebrate Halloween for a very long time. I'm excited for my (what I want to be) annual horror movie marathon. So for October I went with potions because what is more classic for Halloween than witches? Continue Reading →