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Drying Flowers

The more I get into epoxy, the more I want materials that I can cast inside the resin to add that bit of pop to the projects. And dried flowers are a great material. There are two main methods that I explored when it came to drying flowers: air drying and pressing. Both provides their own challenges and unique look. And the types of flowers they can affect are different, I will break down each section by processing type so let’s get into it! Continue Reading →

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Sewn Square Bag

I had to gift some jewelry and I didn’t know what to wrap it in, so I decided to make a mini square bag! Seems reasonable, right? Yea, I thought so too. So, I decided to design a square bag to fit the present. Since the bag was so small, I decided to go without the lining making the project extremely simple. I really like the square look because they fit well against each other and in the palm of your hand. Continue Reading →

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Tin Series – Jewelry Case

I love small things and tin cases fit well into this category. There are so many possibilities of things that can be done with tin cases. My first endeavor in this series is a jewelry case! I found that I had a lot of loose earrings, and I needed a place to store them. I was also curious if this would be good for rings (it did not have the depth for that though). This project was simple and took very few supplies but it just perfect for what I needed! Continue Reading →

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[EXTRA] June Bullet Journal

It's Pride Month! So what better way to celebrate then by making my journal completely covered in Rainbows? This is a time where we honor 1969 Stonewall uprising in Manhattan, as well as recognize the impact that LGBTQ individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally! I love using the rainbow and I decided to a watercolor effect to make it a vibrant and fun journal. Continue Reading →

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Epoxy Earrings

When creating projects, I often find myself having a lot of scraps at the end and throwing them away just doesn’t feel right. I hate wasting things, especially something I can use for a project (I know I have the beginning thought process of a hoarder, hopefully I can keep it in check!). Since the left-over pieces were relatively flat, I decided that they would be perfect for making jewelry! And it’s a perfect way to display those lovely ocean-like patterns.  Continue Reading →

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Introduction to Wood Burning

I have always had an interest in wood burning. I love the art style, the unique patterns that can be created, and just about everything that comes along with it! But man, is it hard!! This is an artform that is going to take some time to master and quite a bit of effort. So this is just the beginning of my journey into this world and I am looking forward to seeing where this leads! Continue Reading →

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Large Knitting Needle Holder

After putting together, a case for all of the double pointed knitting needles (see here) I decided to make a holder for my larger knitting needles and my circular needles. I will admit, when I first thought of this holder, I did not conceive the color pattern all together properly. I am going to talk it through as if I did though, so the pictures won’t match perfectly. That being said, even with the pattern being a little bit busy, it turned out fairly well! Continue Reading →

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[EXTRA] May Bullet Journal

It's time for the May Showers! And it really has been a blooming may already as the entire front yard is full of dandelions. It's a radiant yellow. I forgot how I'm not a fan of the eighty degree swings we get here in Ohio. Never a dull moment with the weather. I swear, we experience 4 seasons over the course of 4 days. But that's enough kvetching about the weather. Let's instead look at the lovely flowers that inspired this months bullet journal. Continue Reading →

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Epoxy Cutting Board

Living next to the Great Lakes has allowed water to enchant me from a young age. The waves splitting against the shore making a ripple of bubbles and color under the clear sky. The image is just too perfect. So, what better way to honor it than with an artistic interpretation? I have seen pictures of epoxy cutting board floating around the internet and I thought it would be a good idea to try my hand at one. Continue Reading →

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Knitted Blanket

I adore knitting. I have since I was a child and it was often joked that I am an old soul because of the hobbies I had growing up. Also, the way I talked. Also, because I’m pretty sure I’m an old soul. But, due to my love for the hobby, I seem to be the recipient of yarn donations for which I am extremely grateful because the hobby can end up being a bit expensive. I think I could fill a bathtub full of yarn. Which, kind of sounds fun… But I found myself with an armful of yarn made for baby-targets product projects, so I thought, why not try to make a blanket. Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

Surprise Effect Card

Birthdays during a pandemic are hard. There is so much I want to do and so little that I can do. Ordering something online doesn’t always feel right and with so many choices, it feels like it’s impossible to find the right one. So, I decided to take a step back and start with the basics: a greeting card. Greeting cards are easy though, so I thought why not spice it up with a surprise effect?? Continue Reading →

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Sewn Pencil Case

A few weeks ago, I made a basket for all of my silicone molds and it looked amazing. And then more arrived and I cursed myself. Especially since the new molds that arrived were very small and easily could be lost. So I decided that making a pencil case type bag would be the best for keeping the molds contained. I normally do not work with zippers when I sew and I have been trying to introduce them more into my work. So this was the perfect challenge as it also filled one of my needs! Continue Reading →