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Eyrie Meeple

My love of Root (a game of woodland might and right) continues to grow and now I’m working my way through all the factions to create a collection of giant meeples! The Eyrie gets to take center stage this time! Same process, different pictures. This meeple is made entirely of wood and holds to the 8-inch standard that I’ve apparently set for myself. I’m not going to lie, the Eyrie meeple was one of the easier meeples to make as it didn’t have too many sharp turns or narrow spaces. Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

September Bullet Journal

Wow! We already made it to September! Twenty twenty-one has been flying by for me and I always wish I could have more time. And one of the biggest things I wish I had more time for is reading! I absolutely adore reading books and I feel like I haven't had enough time to dedicate to all those unread books on my shelf. So I decided to dedicate my September spread to be all about books! Hopefully the constant reminder will help me get into the reading spirit Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

Tin Series – Travel Crafting Case

I love exploring the potential for organization and tins really do provide a great starting point. I was recently traveling when I felt a sharp pain after sticking my hand into my bag. As I pulled my hand out, I found my hand profusely bleeding as my fingers had grazed over the crafting scissors that I carry on me. And I thought – there has got to be a better solution for this! So why not make a traveling crafting kit? This way I can bring all the supplies I need while keeping myself safe! Continue Reading →

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Pocket Handwarmers

After sewing some bigger projects, I often have a lot of scrap fabric let over that feels too small to do anything with. And then it hit me. Why not make handwarmers? I am someone who always complains that it's cold and will sleep with two or three blankets at night. And, unfortunately, my hands are no exception. Whenever I am typing or using my hands, I often feel that the circulation in my fingers becomes nearly non-existent. I have watched my fingers turn purple! So, why not combine my fabric scraps to make something that will help keep my hands warm? Continue Reading →

Craft, Yarn

Friendship Bracelets

I grew up making friendship bracelets. This is a very classic craft for me as I remember making dozens of bracelets with different patterns and designs. Friendship bracelets are one of the most customizable easy crafts there are many options for change. There are different patterns, your choice of color, and a range of sizes! Going from something very slim to a thick and chunky bracelet. I think I am a fan of bigger bracelets because designs can become more elaborate. Continue Reading →

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Simple Embroidery

ere are some phrases that are utterly unforgettable. At some point during our campaign of Oath (by Leder Games) someone asked “Do Citizens Dream of Oracular Pigs?” And I fell in love with this saying. Not only is it a great spin off (what I believe to be) the original phrase; Do androids dream of electric sheep? But it also fits the world of Oath so well that I wanted to create something with this phrase. So why not embroidery? While embroidery is not one of my typical mediums, it is something I’ve always been excited to get into. Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

[EXTRA] August Bullet Journal

I'm back! Sort of! Hopefully! July ended up being an absolutely crazy month for me with a lot of surprises. And, honestly, some scary situations. I have never been in a surgery room as a patient before - and it made me nervous. So in that vain, I decided to model August after the stars and the dreams so often attached to them. The stars feel so beautiful especially in the summer although the humid heat of Cleveland can make outside a bit uncomfortable. Continue Reading →

Craft, Fabric

Drawstring Pouch

n the world of board games, drawstring bags are especially useful. They can help hide pieces and allow for random drawing. Or they can just be good storage – especially for those pieces that are too big to fit in a plastic bag. And that’s exactly what happened when we got the game Bites. The tiles pieces in bites are quite large and despite my best efforts, shoving them all into a plastic bag made a bulbous monstrosity. Not only did the pieces have a hard time but the bag did not sit very well in the box.  Which meant only one thing; I had to come up with a solution.  Continue Reading →


Ironing Board Cover

I will admit, I have been in a sewing mood lately. There are so many fun projects to explore and discover and I wanted to dive deeper into that world. But I noticed something interesting happening to some of the fabrics when ironed. I would see the pattern of the iron grate getting imprinted onto the fabric. After doing a little research, I decided that a cover for the ironing board would help with this problem. One of the great things about this project is the large surface are which is great if you have a design you want to display. Continue Reading →

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[EXTRA] July Bullet Journal

I know that July is often associated with fireworks due to the countless displays that appear all over the United States. But I like to think that July is truly about Freedom. And nothing makes me feel like I'm free than being able to see the sky and the clouds. Sometimes I wish I could be weightless and experience the movement of the wind. Continue Reading →

Craft, Fabric

Lizard Cult Shirt (Heat Vinyl Transfer)

I recently discovered heat vinyl transfer paper and I am no sure why I wasn’t aware of this product sooners. Heat Vinyl transfer paper is a great way to make bespoke, one of a kind fabric pieces. It is easy to work with and gives great results. The only downside of working with vinyl heat transfer paper is cutting the material can be difficult by hand. This project takes very little time for those with a circuit machine but I’m not sure of the struggles that come from doing it by hand. But the results look amazing, and who doesn’t want a Lizard Cult shirt? Just look at that smile. Continue Reading →

And the Rest, Craft

Paper Stars

There has always been a legend of folding paper cranes to have your wished granted but for those (like me) who aren’t adept to origami, why not start with stars? After all, wishing on a star is just as iconic (if not more for those who are not in love with ancient Japanese legend). Folding paper stars is really simple and quick while also creating a great visual impact when stacked in a jar or other container. Continue Reading →