Crafting is one the of the greatest ways to express my feeling and emotions. There are so many mediums and so many ways to play. So much to craft!

Many of my creations are also on Etsy or the MCG store if you enjoy them but don’t want to make them!

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Bullet Journals

Bullet Journaling is one of my favorite things to do. It’s an easy was to express my creativity while keeping myself organized. Every year, I get a new journal and have fun figuring out how I want it all to come together.

Strings and Things

I have been knitting since I was in elementary school. As time goes on, knitted projects get more and more elaborate and the possibilities are endless!

Check out the glossary for a breakdown to knitting terms!

Easy Crafts

Some crafts takes hour while other are a pleasant afternoon activity. Check out this section to explore some of the more easier crafts to do!