Bullet Journal

I adore my bullet journal! I find it really calming and it helps me stay on track with some of my habits and accomplish some of my goals! Every month, I like do different themes depending on the month or the year!

2022 Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

For some reason, I decided that 2022 was the year of Eevees!! I decided that each month should have a different Eevee to represent it!

January is the classic O.G. Eevee. February goes to Jolteon, March is Hazeon (yea, that is not an official Pokemon, but there aren’t 12 eeveelutions), April is Leafeon, May is Pesteon, June is Flareon, July is Puffeon, August is Espeon, September is Shaleon, October is Vaporeon, November is Umbreon, and December is Glaceon!

2021 Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

For my 2021 journal, I decided to go a bit more freeform with my bullet journal spreads. Each month is based on either the vibe of the month or just what I felt fit it at the time!