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Watercolor August Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is a relaxing and fun way to keep all your thoughts in one place and make sure you get your “to dos” done!

It’s August! A month for board game conventions and is the hottest month of the year where I live. The year is going by quickly and I have reached the green-blue stage of the rainbow. August is a mixture of the green colors and some of the blues.

I was trying to get a teal-like color, or a sea-green. Because, even though it’s hot, August is a month for vibrant colors and cooling down with the lake! The blotch turned out amazing.

I am, once again, continuing to use my watercolor transfer technique this month. I think I am getting a little bit better at making these blotches! August has been one of my favorite that I have seen so far. The colors are vibrant and changing and I think have more depth than I have seen from some previous months.

I did the entire exterior space for July which lead me to fill the entire interior space for August!  There was a lot of space to cover so I tried to break the space into smaller sections. I am not really sure how I will expand the henna designs for next month. Maybe I will just go rogue!

Check out the Craft section of MCG for other bullet journal designs or more unlimited ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and what you do with your journal!

I’m looking forward to some of the holidays this month! A few I want to highlight are:

  • 2nd – National CAD Day
  • 3rd – National Watermelon Day
  • 6th – National Tree Day
  • 9th – National Womens Day
  • 10th – National Lazy Day
  • 16th – National Roller Coaster Day
  • 19th – World Photo Day
  • 26th – National Dog Day
  • 29th – National Lemon Juice Day

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