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Watercolor September Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling is a relaxing and fun way to keep all your thoughts in one place and make sure you get your “to dos” done!

The leaves are starting to change, and September has arrived. After months of travel, I am looking forward to the calm and crisp air of autumn. Sweater weather is my favorite. I have reached the blue portion of the rainbow and I love this blotch.

I am, once again, continuing to use my watercolor transfer technique this month. I think I got the water content right! I love the way that blue turned out, there is a lot of variation in color. I have more to work with since shades of blue are a typical favorite.

I honestly really loved this blotch. So much so that I didn’t want to cover it with the henna design. But I still wanted some drawing in the September cover page. I decided to draw around the corners to still have the element present but not interrupting the watercolor. Turned out great!

Check out the Craft section of MCG for other bullet journal designs or more unlimited ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and what you do with your journal!

I’m looking forward to some of the holidays this month! A few I want to highlight are:

  • 1st – National Tofu Day
  • 4th – Labor Day
  • 5th – National Cheese Pizza Day
  • 8th – Star Trek Day
  • 12th – National Video Games Day
  • 14th – Are You Okay Day
  • 15th – World Engineers Day
  • 20th – National Fried Rice Day
  • 23rd – National Baker Day
  • 23rd – Autumnal Equinox
  • 26th – National Pancake Day

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