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2023 Root Winter Tournament

The Root Winter Tournament is upon us! The Root Winter Tournament is being streamed live on Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel. They will also be available on Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel about a week after each game is streamed.

And since I am obsessive, I will keep track of stats and other information! Stats will be updated in the middle and end of each round and will be updated as the tournament goes on! To everyone competing, good luck and have fun!

Check out the Tournament Stats page to see the stats from other tournaments! Or check out The Woodland for most posts on Root!

Check out the Steam Workshop for the official Mod for the tournament!

Tournament Info

Current favorites

Round One

Check out the Round One post for the stats on first round! I will be updating these post sporadically so remember to check back for updating information!

Round Two

Check out the Round Two post for the stats on second round! I will be updating these post sporadically so remember to check back for updating information!

Round THree

Check out the Round Third post for the stats on third round! We are only four games until the finals for the tournament!


Check out the Semi-Finals post for the stats and results of the semi-final round! Keep an eye out for the finals! They are coming up!


That was one epic finals! We has a great combination of factions (Keepers in Iron, Lizard Cult, Underground Duchy, and Ronin!) And it was a close game with the Lizard cult just barely pulling ahead!

Congrats to OvertheMorrow for winning the 2023 Root Winter Tournament! What a crazy tournament this was and I am so excited to see the Lizard Cults comeback after having such a low winrate last year! What an underdog story.


The following stats are from the combination of all games of the Root Winter Tournament.

Game Set-Up

We have seen ever faction chosen at least once. The Eyrie Dynasty, Underground Duchy, and Vagabond have been the top chosen factions (all at 13%).

They are also the factions that have shown up the most in the draft!

Well color me surprised, all of the factions have been unchosen! I was shocked to see the Eyrie Dynasty go unchosen in the finals.

The Vagabond was the most unchosen faction! Which is not surprising since it shows up so much in the draft.

Since it’s the Winter Tournament, the winter map is the most chosen map so far in the tournament. However, the other three maps have been chosen a close number of time.

The Vagabond is the faction that shows up in the draft the most. This is hardly surprising as they have a 59% chance of showing up in the draft (for a four-player game) which is higher than any other faction.

Each faction have shown up a relatively even number of times with the central point being about 30. I am a little sad to see the Lizard Cult have the least amount of showing in the drafts but I can’t really blame randomness. But I will.

Game Outcomes

We have yet to see a Vagabond 2 win but every other faction has won at one point or another.

The Underground Duchy has won the most games followed by the Eyrie Dynasty and Woodland Alliance.

The winning seat does have some influence from the number of players in the game. We have seen 3 player games, 4 player games, and 5 player games.

Either way, Seat three and four are leading but seat two is closing following. Seat one seems to be the most disadvantageous seat of the 2023 tournament.

And the 2023 Winter Tournament ends with the Underground Duchy in the top spot for the win rate. Most of the factions are holding a win rate around 20% to 30%.

The win rates are Underground Duchy (36%), Woodland Alliance (33%), Riverfolk Company (30%), Corvid Conspiracy (29%), Eyrie Dynasty (24%), Lizard Cult (24%), Marquise de Cat (22%), Vagabond (19%), Keepers in Iron (19%), Lord of the Hundreds (17%), Vagabond 2(0%)

More Graphs

All of the Vagabonds have showed their faces in the draft! And almost all of them have been chosen! The poor Scoundrel has showed up quite a few times and was never picked.

I still love seeing if there are any trends between the chosen faction and the seat, the chosen faction and the map, and the unchosen faction and the map. It’s a little early to see if there are any trends this tournament but keep checking in for changes!


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