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2023 Root Winter Tournament – Round Two

We have made it to Round Two of the 2023 Root Winter Tournament!! We are already shift away from some of the trends seen in round one. I will be updating this post sporadically throughout round two and you can check out the 2023 Root Winter Tournament Post for more details on the overall tournament! This post contains the statistics for round two only.

Check out Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel to watch the games in real-time (the schedule is below) or check out the Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel where the games will be posted about a week after they air.

The highlighted games from this round are: Loser Bracket – Game 4!

This post does contain spoilers to the winners of the round two games!! Read at your own risk!

Game Set-Up

We have seen everyone in the draft. I love that tiny little sliver representing the one game that the second vagabond was in! .

Underground Duchy has taken the title of most chosen faction in the draft! The Eyrie Dynasty and Vagabond were trailing behind and tied for second.

I’m a little in shock to see The Underground Duchy join the unchosen faction club. The Eyrie Dynasty is the only one who was left out of round two.

Since it’s the Winter Tournament, the winter map is still dominating the competition as the most chosen map. Although Summer (Autumn) and Lake are not far behind. Mountain is a little lagging as a chosen pick.

The Vagabond is the faction that shows up in the draft the most. This is hardly surprising as they have a 59% chance of showing up in the draft (for a four-player game) which is higher than any other faction.

The Marquise de Cat, Underground Duchy, and the Keepers in Iron have all had a strong showing the drafts The Woodland Alliance have been in the draft a decent number of times but are still going unchosen. The Lizard Cult decided to stop showing up in the draft!

Game Outcomes

We are seeing quite a bit of diversity in the winning factions. Moles are currently dominating winning 19% of the 26 games.

I love to see that the Keepers in Iron is fairly high on the number of games won in round two. It’s not easy feat to match the Eyrie Dynasty and the Riverfolk company is not far behind.

The Lord of the Hundreds was not able to make the winning factions this round.

The winning seat for round two is a bit more skewed than what we saw in round one. Seat Three has come back with a vengeance and is winning at a higher rate in this round. We have had some five players games so we also saw a fifth player win!

I am very surprised to see four factions tied for the highest win rate! While it’s unsurprising to see the Woodland Alliance and Underground Duchy lurking around the top, I love that the Riverfolk Company and Keepers in Iron also tied for that top spot.

The win rates are Woodland Alliance (33%), Riverfolk Company (33%), Underground Duchy (33%), Keepers in Iron (33%), Eyrie Dynasty (31%), Vagabond (23%), Corvid Conspiracy (22%), Lizard Cult (20%), Marquise de Cat (18%), Vagabond 2 (0%), Lord of the Hundreds (0%).

More Graphs


All of the Vagabonds have showed their faces in the draft! However the Arbiter was not chosen for the game. And the poor Scoundrel has showed up three times and still was not picked.

We did see the harrier played for the first time in the tournament! We also doubled the amount that we have seen the tinker!

Factions Vs Seat Vs Map

I still love seeing if there are any trends between the chosen faction and the seat, the chosen faction and the map, and the unchosen faction and the map. It’s a little early to see if there are any trends this tournament but keep checking in for changes!

Round by Round

Round One Winners

Congrats to all our round one winners!

Winner Bracket

Losers Bracket

  • Magic_Zamboni
  • Elivaras
  • OvertheMorrow
  • Cryo
  • Burnie
  • CosmicCant
  • AquamanBoss
  • Lazarus
  • LoveShard
  • Glandor_Hooverstein
  • Gregoola
  • eNamorD
  • Douglas
  • Humberto
  • Evelyn
  • Expect Feeding
  • Harriet
  • Outis
  • Decoy
  • Egodactylus
  • LinenMaster
  • GFletch
  • Kelton Black
  • JC
  • JAMman
  • its_rudimentry

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