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The Moods of the Lord of the Hundreds

There are many moods to the Lord of the Hundreds, so why not break them down into stats?

There was something I was curious about going into the Root Tournament this year. What are the most common moods of the Lord of the Hundreds? I recorded the moods that were chosen (and on what turn) for every game of the tournament.

The Lord of the Hundreds was played in thirty-one games and had an average of eight moods per game. And every single mood was played. I wanted to look at the average use of the mood per game and the moods used per turn.

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Average Use

Before I get into the average usage of the mood, I did not include the default stubborn that the Lord of the Hundreds starts as. Which makes stubborn being the most used mood even more impressive!

I decided to make a table to break this down because it seems like an easier way than listing out each mood.  The average was calculated by divided the number of times played by the 31 games that were played.

MoodNumber of Times PlayedAverage

Poor Bitter and Jubilant were barely used in the game. One mood that really surprised me was Wrathful. I was not expecting wrathful to be used almost as much as relentless. While I do not think wrathful is a bad mood, I did not think it was that top tier. But clearly, I was proven wrong as it was a very popular mood!

Stubborn really won out by being played 4 times in two different games. Four times seems like a lot to play one mood. Although Relentless also did achieve that honor. I was also surprised by the one game where Lavish was played three times in one game. That feels like more than I was expecting.

Mood Per Turn

For the graph below, I just counted how many times the mood was played in each turn. And then listed it out. So, for the first Lord of the Hundreds turn, there were only four moods played. Relentless was way played twice, Jubilant was played 4 times, Grandiose was played 14 times, and Rowdy was played 11 times.

I was surprised to see that the turn one Jubilant tactic was not played more often. Only four games seem like a low number of times to try out that opening strategy. I was also impressed by the amount that grandiose was used as an open strategy. That was not a strategy I expected to be popular, but it is definitely one I stand by. 

Ignoring the two games that went to eleven rounds, Relentless was the only mood that was played at least once every turn (over the course of the 31 games). There was a wide range of mood used during the different games among the different rounds. I really enjoy seeing the diversity of moods used. It shows that there isn’t a tried-and-true strategy (or at least, not yet).

The above graphs show the number of times a mood was played during a turn divided by the total number of times the mood was played.

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