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2023 RootCon Tournament

I recently went to RootCon! A weekend all about the celebration of Root! They did hold an in person tournament and I wanted all the Stats! I am super lucky that the awesome Woodland War Machine team worked with me to get the stats! Check out the video below for the factions ranking from worst to first (by win rate).

Check out the Tournament Stats page to see the stats from other tournaments! Or check out The Woodland for most posts on Root! Leave a comment and let me know if there is anything else you want to see!

Game Set-Up

Every faction was chosen in this tournament! Some factions were slightly favored over others. But every faction was chosen roughly in the same number range.

The two biggest unchosen faction was the Vagabond and the Lizard cult. I can understand the Vagabond (since we don’t know which vagabonds were up for drafting). I was surprised by the Lizard Cult! With it being so many peoples favorite factions, I thought they would get picked often!

The map was pre-picked, or assigned, to a table so I had assumed that they would have an even spread. But somehow, Mountain was even disliked in this setting with Winter and Lake being the most played maps.

Despite only one Vagabond being in the draft, the Vagabond still managed to show up in 31 of the 49 games. The Eyrie Dynasty and the Lord of the Hundreds were the most picked factions, only being passed up once. Each really had an opportunity to be played a good amount of times in this tournament.

Game Outcomes

I love that every faction was able to win at least once! In fact, every faction won at least two times. There was a diverse range of play going on this tournament with a particular hatred of the underground duchy and a love of the Eyrie.

I ‘m not surprised to see that seat one and seat four were the favored seats. This does sit within trends that have been seen in the past. What is interesting is that we only saw one game with a fifth seat win out of the fourteen five player games.

The Eyrie really blew the other factions out of the water in this tournament. They were the favorite faction and were played the best! This was a really interesting spread of win rates with some factions overperforming and some majorly underperforming…

The win rates are Eyrie Dynasty (48%), Keepers in Iron (33%), Lizard Cult (31%), Woodland Alliance (26%0, Underground Duchy (18%), Marquise de Cat (17%), Corvid Conspiracy (17%), Vagabond (16%), Riverfolk Company (12%), and Lord of the Hundreds (10%)

More Graphs

Factions Vs Seat Vs Map

I still love seeing if there are any trends between the chosen faction and the seat, the chosen faction and the map, and the unchosen faction and the map. Despite their low win rate, the Underground Duchy was often chosen from fourth seat with the Eyrie Dynasty being picked closely after that. The Vagabond and the lake maps seems to mix like oil and water. Are there any trends you find interesting?

Faction Ending Score

I did also decided to log the factions final scores. The were a few dominance attempts and the poor cats scored 0 points in one game (according to what was recorded… I wonder if that was meant to be a dominance.)

Faction Ending Score

One other thing I like to do is create a faction score card showing how often factions play with other faction, how often they win if another certain faction is in the game, and how they win if a certain faction is not in the game.

I find it really interesting how the Lizard Cult severely impacted games with the Eyrie Dynasty, They only won 7% of the games they had that included the Lizard Cult which is significantly lower than their interactions with other factions.

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