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2021 Root Winter Tournament

The Root Winter Tournament is upon us! The Root Winter Tournament is being streamed live on Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel. They will also be available on Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel about a week after each game is streamed. And since I am obsessive, I will be keep track of stats and other information! Stats will be updated in the middle and end of each round and will be updated as the tournament goes! To everyone completing, good luck and have fun!

Tournament Overview

Tournament Hype!

Before the tournament began, we asked the contestants which faction was their favorite. I was absolutely delighted to see the Lizard Cult is the most loved faction! (Not by much but I’ll take what I can get!). The Eyrie and Duchy also have the love of the community.

Round One

Check out the chosen factions, unchosen factions, and winning faction trend for Round One of the Root Winter Tournament

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  1. Is there a bracket available for viewing somewhere? If not, will you be including the standings here perhaps?

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