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2021 Root Winter Tournament

The Root Winter Tournament is upon us! The Root Winter Tournament is being streamed live on Guerric Samples Games Twitch Channel. They will also be available on Guerric Samples Game YouTube Channel about a week after each game is streamed. And since I am obsessive, I will keep track of stats and other information! Stats will be updated in the middle and end of each round and will be updated as the tournament goes on! To everyone competing, good luck and have fun!

Check out the Tournament Stats page to see the stats from other tournaments! Or check out The Woodland for most posts on Root!

Tournament Info

Tournament Hype!

Before the tournament began, we asked the contestants which faction was their favorite. I was absolutely delighted to see the Lizard Cult is the most loved faction! (Not by much but I’ll take what I can get!). The Eyrie and Duchy also have the love of the community.

Round One

Check out the chosen factions, unchosen factions, and winning faction trends for Round One of the Root Winter Tournament

Round Two

Check out the chosen factions, unchosen factions, and winning faction trends for Round Two of the Root Winter Tournament

Round Three

Check out the chosen factions, unchosen factions, and winning faction trends for Round Three of the Root Winter Tournament!

Round Four: The semi-finals

We’ve made it to the semi-finals! Five games! One Weekend! Who knows what will happen!?!? Well we do! Check out more of the Semi-Finals of the Root Winter Tournament.


Congrats to our finalists: Rehabescape, OmnixPL, NicoGB, AquamanBoss, and MurderSheRoot! We had one heck of a final with Eyrie Dynasty, the Vagabond, The Underground Duchy, Lord of the Hundreds, and Keepers in Iron!

Congrats to NicoGB for the win!!

Stat Overview

Game Set Up

We have made it to the end of the tournament and every faction has been played as well as passed over in the draft. There isn’t really a stand out as the fan favorite but the Vagabond has been in the most drafts and subsequently has been in the most game by percentage. The same can be seen with the Underground Duchy. Keepers in Iron and Lizards seems to have won the hearts of the community watching these games. To my surprise, the map choices are still fairly even with more leaning towards mountain away from lake. Winter and Summer falls somewhere in the middle.

Game Outcomes

The Lord of the Hundred’s have succeeded in becoming the top winning faction of the tournament! The Woodland Alliance and the Underground Duchy ties for second of total games won. One result that I didn’t expect from AdSet is the really even distribution of win rate related to seat position. It’s almost even which is absolutely crazy!!

Faction Win Rate

  • Lord of the Hundreds – 41%
  • Woodland Alliance – 39%
  • Underground Duchy – 30%
  • Eyrie Dynasty – 29%
  • Marquise de Cat – 22%
  • Vagabond 2 – 20%
  • Corvid Conspiracy -17%
  • Vagabond – 17%
  • Riverfolk Company – 16%
  • Keepers in Iron – 12%
  • Lizard Cult – 8%

More Graphs

Looking at the Vagabonds in the draft, every Vagabond was available at some point in time and every Vagabond was played! Which is really cool to see. Six out of the Nine Vagabonds were also able to win!

The graphs below show the seat in relation to faction choice, the faction choice in relation to map, and the unchosen faction in relation to map.

And here we have some new graphs! Below is a slide show for the factions ending score for each game they were in. The [D] group at the end of the chart denotes the faction played a dominance card. As of this moment, we have not seen any wins through dominance.

Some other statistics that I thought would be interesting is looking at each faction and who they are likely to play against, who they are likely to win against, and who they are likely to win without.

The tournament bracket

10 thoughts on “2021 Root Winter Tournament”

  1. Is there a bracket available for viewing somewhere? If not, will you be including the standings here perhaps?

  2. Is there like a bracket or somewhere that lists exactly how many rounds and how many players there are?

    1. There is not a bracket since we are doing double elimnation. We started with 128 players, rounds 1 and 2 will both be 32 games in total and then we will see what the games end up like after eliminations. I will probably put in a player summary once we start narrowing down the group. As of right now, winners are listed on the round posts!

  3. confused about the vagabond edit. what is meant by “score one victory point of reach faction”? also – do you get 1 point per battle you destroy pieces? so if you battled 3 times in 1 turn you could get 3 total bonus points?

    1. So basically you get one point per battle if you remove a piece (instead of one point per piece) in addition to the points gained from removing buildings. So if you’re already hostile then you would get two points for a battle removing two warriors and a building (instead of 4). If it was a battle against one warrior and the vagabond is not hostile then no points would happen because removing the piece would trigger the relationship marker going hostile so infamy wouldn’t be active. I hope that helps!

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